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Written by Mae Bristow - 22 November 2023

The 6 best unique conference centres in London

A good conference centre is many things. Reliable. Functional. Conveniently located. Large enough to host the speakers, the attendees, and all their ideas and questions.

For every type of conference, there’s a conference centre to match. For the networkers, the business types, the creatives and the organisations, there’s a space with your (event) name on it.

Want something a little more unique? Sure, two words you don’t hear together often but they’re out there. For conference centres as unique as your keynote speakers, keep reading. We’ve rounded up the most creative, inspiring and unique conference centres in London.

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interior of convene london conference venue
interior of convene london conference venue

1. Expansive corporate events venue that's (uniquely) big on hospitality: Convene @ 22 Bishopsgate

City of London

Hospitality is at the heart of Convene @ 22 Bishopsgate, a trait we find makes it a unique corporate events venue for several reasons. Convene is located right in the middle of the corporate capital of London: the City, but you won't find an outdated and sterile corporate atmosphere here. Convene is welcoming, relaxed, and as mentioned, operates with hospitality at its core.

Covering a sprawling 37,800 sq feet, the kitchen at Convene operates like a small, independent restaurant utterly dedicated to fresh, seasonal ingredients, elevating corporate catering to a higher level and standard. Its commitment to sustainability in this area makes it a leader in corporate events and we expect other venues in the industry to follow this inevitable trend.

Convene provides everything for a corporate event under one roof—space, modern, stylish furniture, technology, catering, staffing, and planning so that you can experience your event like an attendee, without any of the worry. As for hybrid events, Convene Studio adds a virtual component for up to 10,000 remote attendees and comes complete with virtual production teams.

From executive summits to training workshops, and industry mixers, Convene provides a unique level of hospitality that we should see more of in the industry.

bounce unique conference centre london 1
bounce unique conference centre london 2

2. A unique conference centre at the home of ping pong: Conferencing space, Bounce Farringdon


Fun and function come together at this unique conference centre. Offering a conference space for up to 400 guests, Bounce Farringdon is not without its own spot of history. Billed as the place where the very first game of ping pong was played, it’s also the original Bounce venue.

Host your attendees with the help of a TV, projector, microphone and activity tables (for any scheduled breakout sessions) and relax knowing that this space is fully adaptable, so you can arrange it as much as you’d like.

As it’s close to Chancery Lane and Farringdon station, it’s a convenient choice for city attendees and out-of-towners alike.

menier lounge unique conference centre london 1
menier lounge unique conference centre london 2

3. A former chocolate factory turned stylishly unique conference centre: The Menier Lounge


If there was ever an ideal creative space for a conference, Menier Lounge would be it. Situated on Southwark Street, the former chocolate factory turned venue has been host to shoots, product launches and, you guessed it, conferences.

Head to the first floor and be welcomed by the plush velvet sofas, plants, exposed brick walls, wood floors, large windows and a private garden. With space for up to 55 guests, it’s one for smaller conferences and networking events.

Catering options are available, although they’re just a walk away from London Bridge favourites like Borough Market, Flat Iron and The Breakfast Club, so it’s really your call.

museum of brands unique conference centre london 1
museum of brands unique conference centre london 2

4. A unique conference centre at the world’s only branding museum: Conference Space, Museum of Brands


Branding, design, packaging, advertising, strategy. Where better to tap into creative and collaborative energy than at the home documenting some of the world’s best, and most iconic brands?

The West London venue offers a unique conferencing space, complete with astroturf, floor-to-ceiling windows and prints of brands like Marmite.

Unlike Marmite, this conferencing space isn’t polarising as it can be adapted to suit your needs, and up to 100 attendees.

You can find this space on Lancaster Road.

huckletree west unique conference centre london 1
huckletree west unique conference centre london 2

5. A quirky conference centre: Auditorium, Huckletree West


Like a quick burst of energy on a dull day, Huckletree West’s Auditorium is not your average conference space. With cool graphics along the wall, tiered seating and a bar area, it’s certainly a casual but inspiring place to host a conference.

Stay on top of it all and keep your audience engaged with full use of the venue’s AV equipment. Then head over to the bar for drinks after.

This unique conference centre has space for 200 standing attendees and 125 seated attendees, and is minutes away from White City station.

auditorium second home spitalfields unique conference centre 1
auditorium second home spitalfields unique conference centre 2

6. A groovy unique conference centre: The Auditorium, Second Home Spitalfields


Yellow curtains and a yellow floor. This isn’t Oz, this is Second Home Spitalfields Auditorium space. The East London co-working space offers a bright solution for talks, workshops and mid-sized conferences (with up to 250 guests).

It’s available to hire between Tuesday – Sunday and comes fully equipped with everything you’ll need for a successful conference.

Whether it’s a second home or not is your call, but it is a great first choice for any future creative conferences. It’s time to pull the curtain back on your next great conference.

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Sick of dull conferences? London has an impressive amount of unique conference centres that can bring your conference to a whole new level. Forget about the dull montage of lanyards, burnt coffee and name tags. Get weird and wonderful with these unique conference centres, all within reach of London.

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Looking for an unusual conference venue? There is no shortage of fantastic London conference venues. However, finding a Space that fits your criteria and offers a venue hire that stands out from the crowd can be tough. Too often we compromise on originality in favour of a standard Space that has the tech and facilities we require but lacks the soul. Too often finding a unique conference room in London can feel like it’s not worth the hassle. London venue hire can be a tricky business, with so much choice it's easy to settle for the standard conference venue.

That’s where we come in. We’ve gathered together a selection of our favourite unique conference venues in London to save you the trouble. What’s more, using the HeadBox platform, you can negotiate a bespoke package directly with a venue’s Host to ensure you’ve got all the kit you’ll need for your conference to go off without a hitch. So, for the best venues in the city start your venue search here. If you need even more inspiration, check out our Ultimate Guide to conference venues in the city.

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