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Written by Luke Bull - 09 October 2023

Our selection of the 10 best Angel cocktail bars

They say the devil is in the details; this is true for Angel if those details are a quaint collection of top-class cocktail bars, world-class eateries, and gorgeous Georgian and Victorian architecture.

Whether you’re out for the theatre or attending an exhibition at a gallery, Angel is the quieter, classier sister to Shoreditch but just as fiendish in its love of cocktails.

Read on for our list of the ten best cocktail bars in Angel—yes, it’s the same number as the commandments, coincidence or not? We’ll let you decide.

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little bat bar cocktail bar angel london
little bat bar cocktail bar angel london cocktail

1. The Mad Hatter cocktail bar in Angel: Little Bat Bar

Angel, London

Sure, Little Bat Bar’s decor looks like the Victorian digs of your eccentric aunt Mable with its eclectic collection of books and art evoking everything from the Renaissance to the twentieth century. It’s this batty Hatter-esque decor that makes it feel so damn cosy and quaint.

Its wooden walls and bar, tables and booths, make the place feel snug. Post-work drinks, date night, birthday party, Christmas night out, Little Bat Bar have hosted it all.

Get comfortable and admire the Victorian books displayed as art on the walls. Sip on the cocktail Through the Looking Glass, and maybe have a few so you feel like you actually are in Wonderland.

69 colebrooke row cocktail bar angel london
69 colebrooke row cocktail bar angel london cocktail

2. The Angel Bar with No Name or 69 Colebrooke Row

Angel, London

Known as the Bar with No Name, 69 Colebrooke Row is an Angel cocktail bar with that sweet balance of relaxed ambience and a sophisticated cocktail menu.

Its black-and-white tile floors and red leather chairs are a swish pastiche to the mid-twentieth-century cocktail bar, with live jazz and blues music to complete the package.

Enjoy bespoke, seasonal cocktails alongside classics shaken and stirred by master mixologists. With an unobtrusive entrance, house pianist, and damn fine cocktails, the Bar with No Name is the finest Angel has to offer.

homeboy irish pub cocktail bar angel london
homeboy irish pub cocktail bar angel london cocktail

3. The Angel cocktail bar that’s actually an Irish pub: Homeboy

Angel, London

Forget everything you know about Irish pubs for the next couple of sentences. How has an Irish pub ended up on a list of Angel cocktail bars? Because they really, really like their cocktails, both signature and classic, and they do them well; that’s why.

We recommend the Taoiseach; it’s essentially a pomegranate Old Fashion, and like everything else about Homeboy, it sounds like a bizarre combination, but it just works.

Homeboy have the relaxed, warm welcome of an Irish pub — they still like their food hearty and they love their Guinness. However, they like their tunes on the hip hop and R&B side, their cocktails classic and Irish whiskey-inspired, and we dig this.

ladybird cocktail bar angel london
ladybird cocktail bar angel london cocktail

4. Ladybird: the lounge-style cocktail bar in Angel

Angel, London

Located in the beating heart of Upper Street, Ladybird is the Angel cocktail bar that offers a laid-back lounge feeling, or a place to dance, depending on what you’re feeling.

Ladybird is a late night speakeasy-style bar, but with a quirky modern look not typically found in speakeasy bars. A great place if you’re into electronic and hip hop music. In fact, their Basement Space, BSMT, is known for its House nights.

It’s on the smaller side, but along with its basement bar, it is cleverly designed with designated bookable areas. And it is definitely the kind of cocktail bar you pre-book to ensure you get a seat and trust us, you do want to book.

brunos bar cocktail bar angel london

5. The floating cocktail bar in Angel: Bruno’s

Angel, London

An Angel cocktail bar floating on Regent’s Canal: welcome to Bruno’s. And is it just us or do cocktails sip better when you’re on a boat?

We love Bruno’s for having the audacity (or the genius) to offer a pre-dinner cocktail menu and a post-dinner cocktail menu. We recommend the Chido from the former and the Starliner Martini from the latter.

Its barge location lends itself to a cosy, snug-like atmosphere with the expected mood lighting–a match made in heaven with the sophisticated (but not pretentious) cocktail menu.

laki kane tiki bar cocktail bar angel london
laki kane cocktail bar angel london cocktail

6. The only tiki bar-cum-Thai restaurant in Angel: Laki Kane

Angel, London

If you always thought your Thai food was missing tropical cocktails or your favourite tiki bar was missing some Thai tapas, well, Laki Kane is the Angel cocktail bar of your dreams.

We love the kitsch decor of a tiki bar just as much as the potency of the rum in the cocktails, and Laki Kane does not disappoint in either department.

From a Saturday tiki brunch, cocktail masterclasses, rum tastings, and private hire, this is a great spot for a date night but even better for a good night out with the gang.

hoxley and porter cocktail bar angel london
hoxley and porter cocktail bar angel london lampshades

7. The Angel cocktail bar for the lover of classics and art deco: Hoxley & Porter

Angel, London

What's your star sign? Why ask? Because Hoxley & Porter is the only bar on this list to offer a zodiac cocktail menu. Also on offer are a signature cocktail menu and classic fare like rack of lamb and chateaubriand, all in keeping with their decor.

The bar’s love of astrology has also influenced their art deco interior design and furnishings. Small gathering? Book out the stylish Baby Scorpio booth for cocktails. The Mother Scorpio booth can be booked for (you guessed it!) a larger party and if you want to wine and dine.

Upper Street’s Hoxley & Porter is a great Angel cocktail bar for dinner and drinks before heading to the theatre, a comedy show, or just the prequel to an indulgent night of drinking.

barrio cocktail bar angel london
barrio cocktail bar angel london booths

8. The Angel cocktail bar for when you really just want tequila: Barrio

Angel, London

Tequila bars are cocktail bars; change our mind.

So when you’re in need of tequila (or mezcal or a margarita) and cocktails with Latin names whose Rs you can only roll when you’ve had a few, Barrio is always the place.

This is another cocktail bar that’s suited to a big night out with the gang. It has the garish colours and decor, the atmosphere, Happy Hour, and the holy trinity of Ts: tequila, tacos, and tunes; need we say anymore?

simmons cocktail bar angel london
simmons cocktail bar angel london bar seating

9. The Angel cocktail bar for those who love the film Cocktail

Angel, London

Fast on its way to becoming as common as a Pret in London, Simmons retro cocktail bars is another late night favourite.

There’s just something about all those neon lights and its penchant for disco, funk and the 80s music that just calls us back again and again.

You know you’re in a cocktail drinking neighbourhood when there’s a Simmons. There’s a drink for everybody, it doesn’t break the bank, and who doesn’t like a boogie under a disco ball?

be at one cocktail bar angel london

10. The Angel cocktail bar for that big night out with the gang: Be At One

Angel, London

Including Be At One on the list is not imparting any long-gated secrets of the Angel cocktail scene. Chances are, if you’ve been in one before, there’s a reasonable chance you’d end up in one again. Yet it still serves a purpose.

With plenty of space to host parties, non-stop tunes, over 100 cocktails, and Happy Hour seven days a week, reliability is the name of the game here. Be At One know their business, and their business is selling lots of okay-ish drinks fast. And there’s very little wrong with that.

The best cocktail bars to hire in Angel

Finding the perfect Angel cocktail bar shouldn't be a chore. Let us bring you the very best Angel has to offer in beautiful cocktail bars available to hire. From rooftop bars to underground venues, hidden speakeasies to famous cocktail bars with the best mixologists – hire out your own room, or even the entire venue, without any hassle. Angel has an unbeatable cocktail scene and a range of stunning venues to enjoy. Take a look at the top selections below, or let us know what you're looking for and we'll make sure the perfect cocktail bar venues reach out to you.

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Guide to cocktail bar hire in Angel

In the heart of London's vibrant Islington lies Angel, a district renowned for its dynamic nightlife and sophisticated establishments. One of the standout features of this locale is its selection of cocktail bars. If you're contemplating an event in the city, a cocktail bar hire in Angel could be your perfect solution. Dive into this guide, where we’ll emphasise the essentials of "cocktail bar hire in Angel."

1. Why Opt for a Cocktail Bar Hire in Angel?

With its blend of historic charm and modern flair, Angel offers some of the city's most iconic cocktail venues. When you choose a cocktail bar hire in Angel, you're not only securing a venue but also an experience steeped in London's rich culture.

2. Determining Your Needs

Nature of the Event: From corporate mixers to festive celebrations, cocktail bar hire in Angel caters to a diverse range of occasions. Identifying your event type helps in choosing a venue that aligns with your vision.

Guest Count: Every cocktail bar in Angel comes with its unique capacity. Estimate your guest list to ensure comfortable accommodation.

Budget Insights: Angel boasts an array of cocktail bars, from the reasonably priced to the high-end. Knowing your budget for cocktail bar hire in Angel will streamline your choices.

3. Research is Key

Online Platforms: There are an endless amount of websites that will provide you with a rundown of the best cocktail bars in Angel. It can often feel a little overwhelming searching through these sites. That’s why at HeadBox we work with the best venues and will circulate your event details directly to them. You’ll hear back from trusted venues that have availability and cater to your event. If only it was always this easy.

Personal Referrals: Word-of-mouth recommendations often carry weight. Ask around in your network; someone might have had a recent cocktail bar hire in Angel and can provide firsthand feedback.

Site Visits: While online resources are great, there’s nothing like experiencing the vibe of a venue in person. Schedule visits to your shortlisted cocktail bars in Angel to get a genuine feel.

4. Accessibility and Location

Angel is well-connected with public transport, notably the Angel underground station. When considering a cocktail bar hire in Angel:

Proximity to Transport: Ensure the venue is conveniently accessible for your guests, especially if they rely on public transportation.

Parking Facilities: If guests are driving to the venue, check if the cocktail bar offers parking or if there are nearby parking options.

5. Amenities and Additional Services

When you're deep into your cocktail bar hire in Angel:

Customized Cocktails: Some venues might allow you to craft a signature drink for your event.

Catering: If the bar doesn’t serve food, see if they allow external catering or if they can recommend nearby eateries.

Entertainment: Check if the venue has provisions for live music or DJ setups if that's on your agenda.

6. Finalizing the Hire

Lock the Date: Popular cocktail bars in Angel can get booked rapidly. Once you've made a choice, secure your date promptly.

Understand the Contract: Before finalizing your cocktail bar hire in Angel, go through all contractual terms. This ensures clarity on cancellations, additional costs, or any specific restrictions.

A cocktail bar hired in Angel promises an ambience that resonates with London's spirit. With thorough research and attention to detail, you can ensure your event is not only memorable but also smoothly executed. Remember, it's not just about the venue; it's about the experience that comes with it. Cheers to your successful event in Angel!

Frequently asked questions

Bars may have specific requirements, such as a minimum age for guests, noise level restrictions, and closing times. It's essential to communicate your needs with the bar and inquire about any restrictions or special requests you may have, such as live music, DJ setups, or decorations.

Most cocktail bars in Angel allow event organizers to decorate the space according to their event theme and preferences. However, there may be guidelines and restrictions on decorations, such as open flame candles or wall adhesives. It's essential to coordinate with the bar's management to ensure your decorations meet their policies.

Some cocktail bars may offer tasting sessions where you can sample their cocktails and discuss your preferences. This can be a great way to ensure the drinks match your event's theme and your guests' tastes.

Angel, situated in the bustling borough of Islington, is renowned for its eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary bars, making it a prime location for cocktail enthusiasts. Its central location and easy accessibility, combined with a vibrant ambiance, make it an ideal spot for cocktail bar hire

The cost can vary widely based on the size of the venue, the date and time of your event, and any additional services or amenities you might require. On average, cocktail bar hire in Angel can range from moderate to premium prices, with many venues offering packages tailored to different budgets.

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