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Written by Luke Bull

November 25, 2022

London's best conference venues

London is the definition of an international city. The capital combines historic grandiosity with modern, sleek architecture, many of which prove the perfect setting to a world-leading conference. Getting a great conferencing space is the first crucial step you need to take in making it one to remember. No one will be impressed by a lethargic afternoon of burnt coffee, PVC chairs and the monotonous drone of an uninspired speaker. School assembly this is not.

Luckily, with these incredible London conferencing spots, you can avoid the pitfalls and enrapture your attendees. So, get ready to feast

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1. A sustainable conferencing venue in the heart of London: BMA House


We love venues that put sustainability and environmental responsibility at the forefront of their mission. For this reason, we love BMA house.

Their beautiful Grade II listed venue is the perfect venue for a conference that wants to get on the right side of history. With 22 spaces, 11 meeting rooms, cutting-edge AV facilities and an international recognisable name, there's a lot going on here.

The Great Hall is an exemplary space within the larger BMA House. It can fit 320 guests and benefits from beautiful decorated soaring ceilings, flanked by striking red columns. Various seating setups can give your London conference that extra touch, and of course, you'll be able to make the most of the in-house catering and sustainable promise of the BMA setup.

2. A royally good conference venue in London: QE II


A big hitter on the London conference scene, QEII has a plethora of spaces that can fulfil pretty much any conference you have in mind. From small rooms that can fit you and your team in, to a space perfect for that massive conference that has to go right.

The ground floor Churchill room is a great example. A large space that can accommodate 700 attendees, this conference space gives everyone in the room the best possible view of the speaker and their collateral. The built-in stage has hosted world leaders, heads of industry and some of the greatest minds of our age.

3. A huge historical conference space in the centre of London: The Porter Tun


A vast space in the centre of London, The Porter Tun is the biggest space offered by the folks over at The Brewery, and believe us: it's big.

900 guests can be catered for in this vast cavernous space that still retains its original timber roof that sits 60ft above the floor. There's a large raised balcony that proves perfect for awards ceremonies, presentations and impassioned speeches about the London brewery business.

Though packed with history and city pedigree, the Porter Tun has not been left behind. It has incorporated a state-of-the-art sound system, WiFi and a LED lighting setup, so you can appreciate the past without being plunged into the dark ages.

It's beautiful, it's big, and it's got a silly name – what's not to love?

4. A London conference venue that doesn't skimp on luxury: The Kimpton Fitzroy


Are you tired of the same old conferencing venues? The Kimpton Fitzroy, one of London’s finest hotels, offers conference venues that are anything but boring. Located in the heart of London, the building occupies a whole block on Russell Square in Bloomsbury, bringing together a contrast between the old and new London, and showcasing it through grand architecture mixed with modern design.

The Kimpton Fitzroy offers 8 conference spaces, each unique in its own way. Our personal favourite is the Ballroom, which will definitely make you feel as if you are taking part in a grand renaissance meeting.

And don’t worry, the conference rooms aren’t just nice to look at - they also come with the support of an event manager, multimedia and audio-visual guidance, wireless internet access, as well as 24-hour business centre services. Really, what more could you want?

5. Reach your goals with this London conference venue: Great Hall, Chelsea FC

Fulham, London

Situated on the ground floor of Stamford Bridge's West Stand, The Great Hall allows for 350-1000 guests to enjoy the cavernous space, catering towards galas, conferences, exhibitions and more.

It's blank canvas done right, with breakout spaces, contemporary audio support and, of course, the pedigree that comes with being one of London's most recognisable football clubs.

There are a bewildering array of spaces within the Chelsea home stadium: from the Director's Lounge, to their Executive Boxes and in-house restaurant, almost any event can be catered to.

Enquire now and give your conference space to thrive.

6. A London conference venue away from the urban sprawl: CEME


It is no secret that being in nature clears the mind - and you would want a clear mind at a conference, wouldn’t you?

CEME, one of London’s bigger conference venues, is surrounded by plenty of gorgeous greenery and water. CEME can be found in the Borough of Havering - perfect for that post-lunch walk to clear the mind and bring your attendees’ attention levels to a new high.

No matter the type of conference space you are looking for, you will find the perfect fit at CEME. The building offers spaces that range from hosting between 2-200 guests in either the auditorium or conference rooms, to 600 in a designated exhibition space and an events team will support you in planning the perfect conference. (No wonder CEME has been accredited with the Gold Standard with the Meetings Industry Association and been titled World Host).

7. London's red carpet conference venue: BAFTA 195 Piccadilly


Have you ever wanted to walk across a red carpet? Don’t worry, we have too, and at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly you can. BAFTA’s headquarters, right in London’s West End is one of those unique conference venues that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Not only will you walk where countless famous people have walked before, you can eat like them too. An in-house chef prepares seasonal menus combining British cuisine with international flavours, and the best is yet to come: each dish has a filmic reference.

So, whatever your conference’s purpose is, you will most definitely find a fitting room here at BAFTA 195 Piccadilly.

8. Host your conference in one of London's historic venues: The Ned


The Ned, located in the City of London with stunning views of St. Paul’s Cathedral and other nearby landmarks, is a one-of-a-kind conferencing venue. The classic interior design was carefully restored a century ago and still features many original elements, such as walnut panelling and chandeliers, all mixed with some amazing views. It makes The Ned a strong candidate for the most sought-after London conference venue.

Choose from 6 Grade-1 listed rooms, 2 terraces (we’ll say it again: views!), and the Prince's Dome, depending on your needs. The conference spaces available can host between 4 and 200 people, so whether you are looking for something cosy, or a grand space, you will find something to your liking.

Of course, there is also the option to have drinks and food served and depending on your need, you can work with the team at The Ned to create a 4-course meal, or simply just canapés.

Whatever space you choose for your conference, it is basically guaranteed that you and your guests will feel like you are part of the elect. What more do we need to say to convince you that this place will truly offer you an authentically excellent London conferencing experience?

9. A gorgeously wood panelled conference venue in London: Brewer's Hall


If you are looking for a London conference venue that will suit any setting, then Brewers’ Hall is the place to go for. Located in Aldermanbury Square, right in the City of London and a stone’s throw away from St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Museum of London, it provides elegant and sophisticated, yet vibrant and contemporary conference spaces.

Brewers’ Hall is a highly professional venue - by letting out the complete 1st floor to their guests, you will be granted privacy and discretion, making this the perfect venue for literally any type of conference no matter the confidentiality.

Bookings can be made for any type of occasion, whether that is a simple meeting or a dinner, providing a modern experience through its adaptability. Also, heads up: what really makes Brewers’ Hall unique is its traditional Livery Hall style and service, which will vary based on your type of venue booking. As we said, it couldn’t get more authentic than this.

10. A royal London conference venue: The Banqueting House


Magnificent. That’s how London conferencing venue The Banqueting House describes its space, and we couldn’t agree more. Originally opened in 1622, Banqueting House in Whitehall, Southwest London, is the last remnant of Whitehall Palace, which was destroyed during a fire in 1698. It is home to Ruben’s ceiling (if you’ve never heard of this before: it’s a massive oil painting that showcases the glory of the Stuart monarchs who lived in the palace), and the place where Charles I was executed.

What’s even more magnificent is that while Banqueting House is currently closed to the public, it is open for hire as one of London’s conference venues. We can’t think of a better conference space than a huge ballroom that lets you sit on polished floors underneath grandiose chandeliers and a world-famous painting in a room, where literal royals have celebrated and banqueted in. Do we need to say more?

If for some reason, this did not convince you, there are also subtler rooms available for hire, this London conference venue, such as the Undercroft, which is perfect if you are planning for standing drinks receptions (up to 380 people).

11. London's elegant conference space: De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms


Another London conference venue with great history is De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms, 5 minutes from Covent Garden, which dates to 1775 and used to house the Freemason’s Tavern. Since 1909 it has served as a hotel and with 37 conference rooms for hire, it is no surprise that politicians, royals, and celebrities have all made use of the spaces before.

All rooms feature the original Georgian architecture, with some rooms more grandiose than others (though none would be an underwhelming London conference venue). For large conferences we recommend the Grand Hall, which can host up to 750 seated guests or 1,500 standing for a drinks reception. As the name already says, the Grand Hall is not just a large space, but also the most grandiose one available with ornate ceilings, wood panelling and chandeliers.

If you are looking for smaller spaces, there are several executive rooms available, as well as modern training rooms and a roof terrace, which will guarantee stunning views over the heart of London.

Make no mistake, while this is a historic place, De Vere Grand Connaught Rooms is equipped highly modern and provides you with free and fast Wi-Fi.

12. For a cinematic London conference: Curzon Soho


Few spaces are more perfectly attuned to the enrapturing process than a cinema. A big screen, powerful seaters, terraced chairs that make exiting an exercise in acute social embarrassment: a perfect trap. Conferences, then, are perfectly suited to the home of the big screens.

Curzon's Soho outpost is a legendary arthouse venue on Shaftesbury Avenue. The 249-capacity main screen is plushly fitted for the ultimate in comfortable viewing. Combine this with Curzon's excellent bar facilities and central location, and you're sure to impress your lucky attendees.

13. A truly theatrical London conference venue: The May Fair Theatre


Curtains up!

Clichéd theatre introduction aside (stage left, please!), The May Fair Theatre is adjoined to the hotel of the same name. With Italian leather seats, beautifully decorated walls and an impressive audio-visual setup, this private theatre is leagues above the competition.

Imagine treating your audience to comfort, luxury and clarity, all minutes from Green Park underground station.

That's the kind of conference The May Fair Theatre promises.

14. The big one: ExCel Centre


So, tucked away on the old docklands of London's borough of Newham is a little-known conference space called the ExCel centre.

Okay, so this choice might be a bit obvious, but the sheer size of the ExCel centre earns it a place on any London conference ranking list. The Event halls, in particular, are column-free spaces that can accommodate a whopping 65,000 attendees. That means you could fit all the good people of Margate into your London conference, if that's your thing.

Moveable walls make for easily partitionable spaces, whilst adjustable LED ceiling lights and 40 gallery rooms give you the facilities to make your conference truly bespoke. All you if have to do is try not to get lost in the 87,328m² space.

More of the best conference centres in London

Conference planning can be stressful - finding the venue doesn't have to be. London has no shortage of beautiful conference spaces ready to impress and inspire your guests. Whether you're looking for an intimate conference room near you or the largest conference venue in London, we've got the best ready for you to browse and book. If you need some ideas for where to have your next convention, check out our comprehensive collection below. We've got everything from unique, creative spaces to huge venues with all the facilities you need for a successful conference. Alternatively, tell us exactly what you need and we'll make sure the very best London venues respond to your enquiry.

Your guide to London’s conference venues

When it comes to events, a conference is just about as big as it gets. For any kind of conference you may be planning, you’re going to want to make sure you get as many registrants as possible and that each of them leaves the conference feeling like they’ve gained something. The right venue is absolutely key to achieving this goal. Luckily, London is host to a fantastic range of conference venues from huge expo centres to smaller lecture theatres. We’ve worked with the very best and would love to share our expertise with you. Let’s get planning.

Planning is everything

With conferencing, you’re going to want to make sure the venue has everything you could possibly need, covered. This is not an event you’ll want to wing it on, so make sure you check for the following facilities:

  • Audiovisual equipment - a standard for any conference, the venue should have high-quality audio equipment so that every word of your speakers can be heard

  • Hybrid capability - conferences can now reach those in the room and at home – planning a hybrid event requires some extra steps but we can help with that

  • Book your keynote speakers - it’s the reason people attend so get a good programme of speakers for your perfect conference, and make sure to plan the timings carefully

Know where your conference will be

London is an urban, sprawling city and there’s a lot of choice when it comes to where your conference venue will be. There are a few key things to consider when deciding on a location: Where are most of the attendees coming from? If you’re expecting an international crowd you’ll want to get the venue space as close to an airport as possible, or ensure that the conference venue is well-connected in terms of public transport. Will you need parking? London can be quite tricky to find large parking spaces in – if you know lots of your attendees will be driving to the conference you’ll find more luck going outside the city centre.

Accessible conference spaces?

Nobody wants to be left out of your big conferencing event. Check that the venue has disabled access and, if you’re considering catering, check they can accommodate a range of dietary preferences. Good planning is empathetic planning.

Make sure you set the agenda

This is your conference event – you should set the criteria for the venues to meet. Want an outside area? Natural light flooding the room? Have a preference on seating style? Tell us exactly what conferencing experience you want, where you want it, and when you want it. We’ll do the rest.

This depends on your event, but we’ve picked out the following as the ones that will really make your conference stand out amongst the crowd:

-Techspace, Shoreditch – This modernised industrial space would prove the perfect backdrop for a young and dynamic conferencing crowd. With a high-spec AV setup and a capacity for 200 seated guests, Techspace is the perfect small conference venue.

-Evolution London – A fantastic blank canvas space in the heart of Battersea Park, can seat thousands in a variety of setups. The large-scale space comes with a cadre of seasoned in-house suppliers that can accommodate your every conferencing whim.

-Shoreditch Town Hall – For stunning surroundings in a well-connected area, you can’t go wrong with this amazing conference venue. With high ceilings and architectural grandeur, this flexible space can seat 772 theatre style or even through lavish corporate dinners.

There really is no one answer to this question: so many variables come into play when understanding the cost of hiring a conference centre, or a conference room. Conference rooms will be well-appointed so will include facilities, but some things cost extra. It all depends on how many guests are you planning for? Is the venue for the day, an afternoon or an evening? Are you looking for catering? What about decorations? The good news is that you can find a conference venue for pretty much any budget (okay, almost any budget). Instead of letting the venue dictate the price, our advice is to be proactive and set a budget that you feel comfortable with – this way the right venues can reach out to you through HeadBox.

There are lots of ways to book a London conference venue. You can do the old-fashioned thing and pick up the phone, or email the venue directly. Unfortunately, lots of venues are busy and may not get back to you in time. That's where we come in. Give us your enquiry and we'll reach out to the best conference venues in London and let you enjoy your free time. Easy.

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