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Written by Luke Bull - 09 October 2023

6 Shoreditch halls for hire

Shoreditch is one of the most instantly recognisable areas of London. The historic district-cum-nightlife epicentre of East London has rightfully earned a reputation for amazing spaces. Halls are not left out. Shoreditch halls often distil the best aspects of the area into a versatile, spacious venue that can be hired out for a reasonable price.

At HeadBox we love a good hall space, and we’ve collected some of our favourite Shoreditch halls here for you to browse and match with when you’re ready to secure a venue for your event.

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Shoreditch hall shoreditch town hall
Shoreditch town hall conference

1. A Town hall in Shoreditch: Shoreditch Town Hall

Shoreditch, London

In the centre of Shoreditch, looming over Old Street, you’ll find Shoreditch Town Hall. The exterior makes use of neoclassical civic architecture, with raised columns and decorative porticos that make a grand impression on the surrounding area.

The interior hall space is equally grand. The assembly hall, for example, is a 770-seater space that features high ceilings, a balcony and full production capabilities. Alongside this big hall space is a variety of smaller breakout rooms and event spaces that can be hired out separately.

Courthouse Hackney Halls
Courthouse Hackney Halls

2. A Shoreditch hall with its own bowling alley: The Courthouse Hotel

Shoreditch, London

The Courthouse, Shoreditch, is host to a number of hall spaces that can be hired out for your convenience. The Chambers comprises of flour separate event spaces which, together, form one large hackney hall space that can accommodate up to 800 standing guests.

Whilst the hall space is impressive, the real pull of The Courthouse is the number of adjoining spaces. Within the building, you’ll be able to access the screening room, private dining room and the private bowling alley. Not many halls in Shoreditch can boast that.

The Yard shoreditch halls
The Yard shoreditch halls

3. A Victorian warehouse that's now a Shoreditch hall: The Yard

Shoreditch, London

The Yard is a Shoreditch hall within walking distance of Liverpool Street, Shoreditch High Street and Old Street, making it an incredibly well-connected option for your event.

A renovated Victorian warehouse, The Yard updates the original shell of the building with contemporary lighting, projection capabilities and breakout spaces. The Yard can cater to 200 guests and has a litany of corporate clients that trust it.

Shoreditch hall the trampery
Shoreditch hall the trampery

4. A socially conscious Shoreditch hall: The Trampery

Hackney, London

The Trampery is a socially conscious, community-led workspace venue on Old Street. Whilst most of its spaces are geared towards what it terms ‘purpose-led enterprise’, The Trampery also provides a number of quality private hire options.

The Library is The Trampery’s hall space. Large windows allow light to fill the room, whilst a varied mix of furniture makes most setups possible. The capacity is for 40 standing, making it a good venue for smaller networking events, workshops and team away days.

Willow shoreditch hall
Willow shoreditch hall

5. A small minimalist hall space: Willow

Shoreditch, London

Located on Shoreditch’s Willow Street (connecting Great Eastern with Paul Street), Willow is well-placed for those wanting a hall venue in Shoreditch. It’s a small hall space, accommodating 60 guests, but feels roomy: exposed brick and whitewashed walls reflect the ample light coming, whilst the vaulted timber ceiling gives a feeling of space.

Alongside the main area, Willow also has its own toilet and kitchen.

Shoreditch Hall Salter's Hall
Shoreditch Hall Salter's Hall

6. A Shoreditch hall with a bit of seasoning: Salter's Hall

Barbican, London

Within walking distance of Shoreditch, Salter's hall is an elegant, high-ceilinged venue located in the Barbican area of The City. The decedent hallway is lined with dramatic portraits of what we're going to assume are big sodium fans, whilst the lush garden is lucky enough to contain an actual segment of the original London Wall – few places have this honour.

Inside you can make full use of the Salt Lobby, Court Lobby and Main Hall, creating a seamless transition for you and your guests from registration to reception. The whole venue can be hired out for up to 300 attendees and would prove an impressive hall space near Shoreditch for any large event.

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