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Written by Luke Bull - 28 January 2024

Our selection of unique Shoreditch venues

Between the cocktail bars, pubs, and cool galleries, the graffiti, the old warehouses and old flats filled with artists and East End hipsters sipping on free drinks at art exhibitions, Shoreditch was bound – destined – to have some unique venues.

There aren’t very many, true, but it’s all about quality rather than quantity as the old adage goes. Whatever event you’re planning here, we’ve got the scoop on unique Shoreditch venues.

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1. Full of oak furnishings & greenery: Shoreditch Treehouse

Shoreditch, London

Located at the corner of Charlotte Road and Great Eastern Street near Old Street Station, the Shoreditch Treehouse is a loft that can accommodate 80 people standing and 45 in cabaret style and has hosted everything from seminars to intimate concerts.

This unique Shoreditch venue is known for its atmosphere, stunning wooden interiors of oak, and its bright natural light by day and mood lighting with fairy lights by night, ideal for corporate bookings, product launches, board meetings or photo shoots, and more.

2. Three unique Shoreditch venues on offer: Lumiere London

Shoreditch, London

Lumiere London has several locations across the city and three alone in Shoreditch. Starting with their most unique offering, The Victorian Loft at Underwood Street, about a 10-minute walk from Old Street Station. The Victorian Loft is a well-lit event space with fine wooden accents and subtle Victorian furnishings throughout and can accommodate 180 people.

The Chalet venue space, also in Underwood Street, recreates the atmosphere and look of Lumiere’s most successful studios. The Chalet accommodates 160 people and the building benefits from a large communal area, two passenger lifts, cycle storage facilities, air conditioning, wheelchair-friendly access, and bathrooms.

Located on Rivington Street near Old Street Station, The Shoreditch Loft comes with a private terrace and views of the skyline and can accommodate up to 75 people. Inspired by travel and filled with fabrics and decor that create a refined yet homely atmosphere, the loft is ideal for meetings, workshops, private dining experiences, or drinks receptions.

3. Unique Shoreditch venue for private dining events: Iron Bloom

Shoreditch, London

Located in Great Eastern Street, the Dining Room in Iron Bloom is a former iron factory transformed into a unique space for private dining and fine wine events with a generous capacity of 150 people.

Original cast iron pillars and an industrial lift that houses a DJ booth all blend historic and rustic elements with a minimalist modern feel. The dining experience offers a relaxed ambience, a British-inspired menu of small plates, and an intricate cocktail menu.

4. Unique Shoreditch venue in Overground railway arches: Old Street Arches at Kachette

Shoreditch, London

The Old Street Arches at Kachette comprise a two-room venue ideal for various corporate and private events, photographic shoots, filming and streaming events, exhibitions, and more.

The arches event space comes equipped with a great PA, lighting, and a speedy internet connection with speeds of up to 1 Gbps, perfect for live streaming events. The brick interior is a great blank space allowing the venue to be dressed in a myriad of ways for any type of event.

5. A restored Victorian power station: Shoreditch Electric Light Station

Shoreditch, London

Shoreditch Electric Light Station, another unique venue, has maintained many of its original features whilst still offering adaptable spaces that can be used for a variety of events with a total capacity of 450 people.

The two main spaces are the Generating Chamber and the Combustion Chamber, but this Shoreditch venue also offers several smaller spaces that can be used as break-out rooms, for catering set-up, as registration areas, and much more. Outside there is a 500 square metre courtyard that grants easy access for loading and unloading and can be incorporated into the event space.

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​​Your guide to hiring a unique venue in Shoreditch, London

Located in the vibrant heart of East London, Shoreditch is renowned for its eclectic atmosphere and creative energy. When it comes to hosting memorable events, Shoreditch offers a wealth of unique venues that reflect its dynamic spirit. Whether you're planning a corporate meeting, private celebration or special occasion, hiring a unique venue in Shoreditch can take your event to new heights. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about hiring a unique venue in Shoreditch, from choosing the perfect space to arranging seating and managing pricing considerations.

Research unique venue options in Shoreditch

Start your search for a unique venue in Shoreditch with thorough research. Explore HeadBox to discover a wide range of options. Consider the type of event you're hosting, your budget and any specific requirements or preferences you may have.

Define your event requirements and budget

Before selecting a unique venue, it's important to clearly define your event requirements and budget. Determine the purpose of your event, the number of guests you expect to attend, and any special amenities or features you'll need. Setting a budget will help you narrow down your options and ensure that you find a venue that meets your financial requirements.

Understand pricing structures

Venue hire rates in Shoreditch can vary depending on factors such as the size of the venue, its location, its facilities and the duration of the hire. Some venues may offer hourly rates, while others may have minimum spend requirements or package deals that include food and beverage options. Review pricing details carefully to ensure they are within your budget.

Explore seating and set-up options

Consider the seating and set-up options available at each individual venue in Shoreditch. Depending on the nature of your event and the number of guests, you may require different seating arrangements such as banquet-style seating, cocktail tables or lounge areas. Choose a layout that encourages socialising and interaction between your guests whilst maximising the unique features of the venue.

Evaluate amenities and facilities

Evaluate the amenities and facilities offered by each individual venue to ensure they meet your event requirements. Look for features such as audiovisual equipment, lighting systems, toilet facilities and catering services. Confirm that the venue can accommodate any special requests or equipment required for your event, such as staging or decorative elements.

Check for additional services

Ask about any additional services or entertainment options the unique venue may offer to enhance your event experience. Some venues may offer event planning assistance, catering services, live entertainment or themed decorations. Discuss your specific needs and preferences with the venue staff to determine what services are available and how they can be incorporated into your event.

Confirm logistics and set-up details

Once you've selected a unique venue for your event, finalise the logistical details with the venue's management team. Coordinate set-up and break-down times, access for vendors and deliveries, and any special room configurations or audiovisual requirements. Ensure that the venue set-up reflects the unique ambience and character of Shoreditch while providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

Review contracts and policies

Before signing a hire agreement with the unique venue, carefully review the contract terms and policies to ensure you understand and agree to all terms and conditions. Pay attention to details such as the rental fee, deposit requirements, cancellation policy, liability waiver and any additional fees or charges.

Planning a memorable event

On the day of your event in Shoreditch, arrive prepared and ready to deliver a memorable and unforgettable experience for your guests. Work closely with the venue staff to ensure all logistical arrangements are in place, the set-up meets your expectations and any special requests or requirements are met. Embrace the unique charm and energy of Shoreditch as you celebrate in its vibrant surroundings.

There are endless opportunities to create unforgettable events and memories by hiring a unique venue in Shoreditch, London. By following the steps outlined in this guide and working closely with venue providers, you can ensure a seamless and memorable experience for you and your guests.

Frequently asked questions

Shoreditch's unique venues are versatile and can host a wide range of events including corporate meetings, private parties, product launches, art exhibitions and networking events. Whether you're hosting a formal business meeting or a lively celebration, Shoreditch's eclectic venues provide the perfect backdrop for any occasion.

It's advisable to book a unique venue in Shoreditch as far in advance as possible, especially for popular dates and times. Some venues may have limited availability, especially during peak seasons or weekends, so securing your booking early will ensure you have the best selection of options to choose from.

Shoreditch's unique venues often offer a range of amenities and facilities to enhance the event experience. These can include audiovisual equipment, Wi-Fi access, catering services, bar facilities, on-site parking and accessibility features. Depending on your event requirements, you can choose a venue that offers the amenities you need to host a successful event.

Many of Shoreditch's unique venues offer site visits or venue tours for prospective clients. A site visit allows you to personally explore the venue's layout, ambience and facilities, helping you to visualise how your event will come to life in the space. Contact the venue management to arrange a site visit and discuss your event requirements in detail.

If you need to reschedule or cancel your event in Shoreditch, it's important to contact the venue management immediately and review the terms and conditions of your hire contract. Depending on the venue's policy, you may be subject to cancellation fees or penalties. Discuss any changes or adjustments to your event plans with the venue team to find a suitable solution.

Shoreditch is well served by public transport including buses, trains and the London Underground. There are also a number of taxi services and ridesharing options available for guests who prefer to travel privately. It's a good idea to provide guests with information on nearby transport options to ensure they can get to the venue in comfort.

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