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How to hire Covent Garden's best venues

Covent Garden is a top tier destination for those wanting to get a taste of London's west end. With its endless shopping outlets, programs of entertainment and world-famous street performers it's no wonder this historic hallmark pulls in locals and tourists alike every day of the week.

That said, strolling the covered walkways of Covent Garde for hours on end can get. bit grating. There are so many hapless photographers you can dodge, and after a while, the street performances lose their novelty. Don't despair. You can book your very own space in one of Covent Garden's esteemed venues.

So, whether it's a work do, a private party, or a private dining experience, Covent Garden's venues can make all of your dreams come true.

Know your event

There are so many great venues in the Covent Garden area to book, it's sometimes a little overwhelming starting your search. Narrow down the field by thinking hard about the type of venue you'll want for your event. For meetings and workshops, you may opt for a professional space with great presentation amenities. For parties, a bar or a large private space might be the right call. For private dining in Covent Garden, you'll o0f course want a quality restaurant with private space for you and your guests. Or, if you like, you can throw all this to the wind and book a bar for a meeting, or a board room for a party (if the venue will let you!). The key is to know what you want before you start searching.

Finding a venue in Covent Garden

There are a few tactics you can rely on to find a really quality venue in Covent Garden. There's nothing wrong with picking up the phone and enquiring directly, or sending an email to the correct address. If we're honest, though, this approach does have its drawbacks. For starters, it will take a lot longer and you'll find yourself faced with fully-booked Covent Garden spaces which can be very frustrating.

So how does a pro book a Covent Garden venue? Easy. Submit your event brief with us, and we'll send it out to all the best venues in the area. When they respond positively to your brief, we'll let you know and you can then book directly, safe in the knowledge the venue can facilitate your event.

Getting to Covent Garden

Getting to Covent Garden is incredibly easy, making it a great choice to host your event if you've got people coming from all over to your gathering. Covent Garden tube station is on the Piccadilly Line, which connects across the city. The station is within a short walk of the busy market thoroughfare, where lots of the best venues are located.

Covent Garden has a number of bus routes which can get you anywhere in the city for a low price.

Driving is not recommended for Covent Garden - the venue of your choice may not have good parking for your guests, and its central location may lead to you being stuck in traffic. Travel cheaper and smarter by using public transport.

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