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Written by Mae Bristow - 07 February 2024

Our selection of private dining in Hackney

Old and tired stereotypes of British cuisine aside, London has long been making its mark on the world of top eateries, and why not? It has established itself as a powerhouse in every other city aspect–historically and culturally, in finance, fashion, film and TV, education, and music. It is no surprise it boasts Michelin-starred restaurants and a melting pot of cuisines as well.

There are areas of London where one typically finds the swish establishments and exclusive private dining rooms with views and menus priced in the triple figures. Then there are areas of London where one finds restaurants with a more casual dress code and a more relaxed atmosphere but just as amazing food– and a few Michelin Stars tucked away in some pretty unassuming places, too.

Hackney is one such place. There’s a lot to be found here in both accolades and flavours, and many of these places are small enough that if they don’t offer a private dining room they offer exclusive hire of the restaurant. We’ve sourced the cool and the casual, in other words, the restaurants that, well, feel like Hackney.

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ombra hackney private dining london
ombra hackney private dining london

1. Simple unpretentious cooking with Venetian flavours: Ombra

Hackney, London

The canals of London may not be as famous as those of Venice but Ombra brings a little piece of Venice to Hackney’s Regent’s Canal all the same. The canal-side restaurant, located on Vyner Street, about a 5-minute walk from Broadway Market, is on the intimate side, rustic, with a nice little outdoor space for al fresco dining.

The menu showcases quality ingredients made into simple Italian dishes that are best shared but nobody will judge you if you want a plate of pasta or burrata to yourself. Ombra is all about seasonality and recreating a piece of Venetian atmosphere through the bacaro–a place where you drink to eat and eat to drink.

With a capacity of 50 and a lovely outdoor area that really shines on summer days and glows by evening light, this Hackney private dining experience is made complete with a fantastic menu of organic wines and those oh-so-Italian spritzes.

pophams hackney private dining london
pophams hackney private dining london

2. A bakery-cum-pasta restaurant 4 days a week: Pophams

Hackney, London

From 6pm Wednesday through Saturday the Pophams bakery becomes a quaint nieghbourhood spot for handmade pasta and Italian small plates showcasing the best of both Italian and British seasonal ingredients.

This London Fields restaurant occupies a transformed railway arch creating an atmosphere that is unpretentious and completely laid-back. With a cosy capacity of 25, Pophams is the kind of place that’s great for an exclusive bookout for a Hackney private dining experience.

rapsa at 100 hoxton hackney private dining london
rapsa at 100 hoxton hackney private dining london

3. Tasty Filipino fusion at Rapsa at 100 Hoxton

Hackney, London

About a 5-minute walk from Hoxton Overground, Rapsa at 100 Hoxton is a popular little neighbourhood restaurant and bar known for its Filipino fusion menus for brunch, lunch, and dinner.

The private lounge at Rapsa is in a room next to the main restaurant and comes with its own bar. It’s decked out in an industrial chic aesthetic with some quirky and colourful little pieces of decor.

We can only speak for the brunch menu but if Rapsa’s menu offerings for private dining are anything like what we had for brunch then we feel justified in putting it on our list of Hackney private dining experiences. There are options for vegans but if you’re of the carnivore variety we highly recommend ordering any dish that features Rapsa’s pork belly, and be sure to add an extra order of the atchara pickle!

lardo hackney private dining london
lardo hackney private dining london

4. Seasonal Italian-inspired menu in the private Salon at Lardo

Hackney, London

Located near both Hackney Central and London Fields, the private Salon at Lardo restaurant has a capacity of 45 people for a standing reception or 28 for a seated meal. Its top-notch menu, rustic industrial decor, and relaxed ambience all make the Salon an ideal location for a Hackney private dining experience.

Daily changing specials, organic wines, a top-class cocktail menu, and small plates served alongside quality pizzas. Lardo aims to be the favourite neighbourhood Italian restaurant in Hackney and with its laidback atmosphere, you can see why. Expect comfortable throw cushions and plenty of tealight candles.

the cat and mutton hackney private dining london
the cat and mutton hackney private dining london

5. A private function room in the ‘Other Bar’ at The Cat & Mutton

Hackney, London

You can’t miss the Cat & Mutton, the traditional two-storey pub on the corner of London Fields and Broadway Market. Naturally, it’s a mighty popular spot with the weekend market crowd, Sunday Roast crowd, and the mid-week post-work pint/glass of wine crowd. In other words, it’s pretty popular with everybody.

Upstairs from the main bar Cat & Mutton offers the ‘Other Bar’, a private events space with a capacity of 80 people standing. It’s ideal for parties and receptions if you’re looking for something relaxed, and traditional, but with just enough East End quirk for it to feel like a Hackney private dining experience. The Cat & Mutton offers classic Britsh pub fare that’s the epitome of hearty and filling, and when arranging a private party the pub is on board to create a bespoke menu for your event with everything from canapés and small plates and more.

apothecary east hackney private dining london
apothecary east hackney private dining london

6. Inspired by Tokyo nightlife and Japanese flavours: Apothecary East

Hackney, London

Apothecary East, equidistant to Old Street and Shoreditch High Street, is a Japanese tavern and bar occupying the former site of an old East End apothecary. The place is known for its menu which takes inspiration from Japanese cuisine as well as from izakaya dishes, or small plates served at equally small Japanese bars where patrons eat to drink and vice versa.

The private dining room in Apothecary East exemplifies the cool, chic, slightly upscale industrial renovation so popular in the East End and beyond with its exposed brick, and mood lighting, but with added touches of Japanese aesthetics. It also features a vintage turntable and analogue sound system for the audiophiles among you.

The private dining room can accommodate 22 seated or 35 for a standing reception. It’s not quite the same izakaya experience you would have in Japan, but we appreciate Apothecary East creating a menu inspired by something like it. Expect top-notch dishes, saké cocktails, and top tunes with curated playlists and DJ sets.

pidgin hackney private dining london
pidgin hackney private dining london

7. Snug simple neighbourhood eatery of fine dining calibre: Pidgin

Hackney, London

Opened in 2015, Pidgin is a 5-minute walk from Hackney Central and is famous for its ethos of a weekly changing set menu–no dish is ever repeated. The intimate restaurant has been helmed by chefs like Elizabeth Haigh (when the restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star), Drew Snaith, Adolfo De Cecco, and Naz Hassan.

Fine ingredients with menus that take influence from all over the world with fine dining presentation. The restaurant doesn’t have a private dining room but it is small enough for exclusive private hire which can be arranged directly with Pidgin and is a unique choice for a Hackney private dining experience.

the marksman hackney private dining london
the marksman hackney private dining london

8. The first pub in London to be awarded Michelin Pub of the Year: The Marksman

Hackney, London

The Marksman public house and dining room is located near Hoxton Overground on Hackney Road. The minimal, understated, and simply elegant interior was designed by Martino Gamper, creating a space that feels refined yet still relaxed–much like its Michelin-acknowledged menu and presentation showcasing the finest British ingredients.

The Marksman takes bookings for private dining events in the restaurant, terrace, pub, or private dining room situated in the cellar, and all of these rooms can be hired exclusively. The private dining room in the cellar can accommodate 12 people, and the restaurant can accommodate 40 seated or 60 standing. The food is reason enough to go and the relaxed atmosphere is the icing on the cake as they say.

behind hackney private dining london
behind hackney private dining london

9. Seasonal seafood tasting menus at Behind

Hackney, London

Chances are you may have already heard of Behind. It holds a Michelin Star and offers outstanding seasonal tasting menus that celebrate all things seafood. There are 18 kitchen table seats in the most intimate of spaces heavily decorated with wooden furniture and set pieces. It’s minimal and refined leaving you the chance to appreciate the beauty of the colours on the plate and the flavours of the dishes.

There is no private dining room on offer but with only 18 seats available, Behind can be booked for an exclusive Hackney private dining experience by contacting the restaurant directly. Behind is possibly the epitome of the cool and casual fine dining experiences you can find in Hackney.

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Your guide to renting a private dining venue in Hackney, London

When planning an intimate gathering or special event in Hackney, London, choosing the perfect private dining venue sets the tone for an unforgettable experience. Whether it's a milestone celebration, a corporate dinner or an intimate wedding reception, Hackney offers a diverse range of private dining venues to suit every occasion. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about hiring a private dining venue in Hackney, from finding the ideal location to understanding pricing and seating arrangements.

1. Research private dining venues in Hackney:

Begin your search for the perfect private dining venue in Hackney with thorough research. Use HeadBox to explore the various options available. Consider factors such as venue ambience, menu offerings, capacity and location within Hackney. Reading reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insight into the experiences of previous guests and help you narrow down your choices.

2. Identify your needs and preferences:

Before you begin the selection process, take some time to identify your specific needs and preferences for the event. Consider the size of your guest list, desired ambience (e.g. casual, upscale, rustic), dietary restrictions and any special requirements you may have. Clarifying these details in advance will streamline your search and ensure you find a venue that perfectly matches your vision.

3. Budget and pricing:

Setting a clear budget is essential when hiring a private dining venue in Hackney. Prices can vary significantly depending on factors such as the venue's location, size, facilities and catering options. Take the time to request quotes from several venues and carefully consider what's included in each package. Be sure to ask about any additional fees or minimum spend requirements to avoid any surprises later on.

4. Explore venue amenities:

When evaluating potential private dining venues in Hackney, consider the amenities offered by each location. Does the venue have audio visual equipment for presentations or entertainment? Is there on-site parking for guests? What about Wi-Fi access or wheelchair access? Evaluating these amenities will ensure that the venue can seamlessly accommodate all of your event needs.

5. Menu selection and catering options:

One of the highlights of hosting a private dining event is creating a delicious menu for your guests to enjoy. When choosing a venue, explore the catering options and menu choices available. Whether you prefer a plated dinner, a buffet or interactive food stations, make sure the venue's culinary offerings match your tastes and dietary preferences.

6. Seating Arrangement and Layout:

The seating arrangement and layout of your private dining room plays a crucial role in the overall guest experience. Consider the flow of the event, the size of your guest list, and any specific seating arrangements you may require. Common seating arrangements for private dining events include banquet-style seating, round tables or a combination of both to accommodate different group sizes and preferences.

7. Tour potential venues:

Once you've narrowed down your list of potential private dining venues in Hackney, schedule site visits to view each location in person. This will give you the opportunity to assess the ambience, decor and overall atmosphere of the venue. Don't hesitate to ask questions and discuss your event requirements with the venue coordinator to ensure it meets your expectations.

8. Book your venue:

After carefully considering your options and visiting potential venues, it's time to make your decision and secure your preferred private dining venue in Hackney. Contact the venue's event coordinator or manager to discuss availability, pricing and booking procedures. Once you've confirmed the details, be sure to review and sign any contracts or agreements to finalise your booking.

9. Customise your event:

With your private dining venue secured, it's time to start customising your event to make it truly special. Work closely with the venue staff to personalise the menu, decor and any additional details to reflect your unique style and preferences. Whether it's selecting floral arrangements, choosing table linens or creating a signature cocktail, these personal touches will elevate your event and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

10. Enjoy your private dining experience:

On the day of your event, relax and enjoy the fruits of your planning efforts as you celebrate in style at your chosen private dining venue in Hackney. Trust the venue's experienced staff to handle all the details seamlessly, allowing you to focus on creating memories with your guests and savouring every moment of your special occasion.

Frequently asked questions

Many venues in Hackney allow outside vendors, but it's important to check with the venue coordinator beforehand and ensure that any outside vendors adhere to the venue's policies and guidelines.

Payment and cancellation policies vary from venue to venue. Be sure to check the terms and conditions in your contract, including payment schedules, deposit requirements and cancellation deadlines, to avoid any misunderstandings.

Some venues may have restrictions on event times or noise levels, particularly those located in residential areas. Discuss any specific requirements or concerns with the venue coordinator to ensure compliance with local regulations.

Many private dining venues in Hackney offer adaptable menu options to cater for dietary restrictions or allergies. Please make sure you discuss any special dietary requirements with the venue's catering team in advance.

Parking availability varies between venues in Hackney. Some may offer on-site parking facilities, while others may offer recommendations for nearby parking or alternative transport arrangements.

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