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October 9, 2023

The 7 best conference venues in Shoreditch

Shoreditch may be better known for its bars and clubs that conferencing spaces, but East London's nightlife mecca has a few tricks up its thrift-store sleeve when it comes to pulling out fantastic conference halls, centres and rooms.

The bounty of large industrial spaces and forward-thinking conference venues makes it a perfect place to get some like-minded individuals together and talk shop. We donned a lanyard, poured a few cups of coffee and scoured atriums for freebies to find the very best conference venues to hire in Shoreditch.

Think about it, there must be a reason so many of the country's most exciting companies have set up office there (including us).

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1. A breezy green space for the zen-est of conferences: Shoreditch Treehouse


This leafy loft space in central Shoreditch is a refreshing take on a conference space that may induce some bright new ideas.

Wooden decked, this high-ceilinged spot boasts 12 large windows which fill the space with natural light. A fully functioning kitchenette, TV and full AV are all provided. The loft is available for up to 24 boardroom style with the venue being very flexible to requests. Hiring a breakout room is optional, as is the piano (and the swing).

So whether you're looking for a brainstorming sesh, a corporate do or a brand launch, Shoreditch Treehouse provides a relaxing atmosphere with its greenery and fresh oak furnish.

And you can fulfil all your childhood treehouse dreams.

2. A big, historic Shoreditch conference space: Shoreditch Town Hall

Shoreditch, London

Slap bang in the middle of Shoreditch is this historic, ominous looming building. The Old Street space is a municipal Grade II listed behemoth, with a multitude of private spaces available for a range of corporate events.

Take the assembly hall, for example. 770 guests can fit into a grandiose space, with Italian marble pillars framing a Matcham-style balcony, all lit with professional-grade stage lighting. The big projection screen means your Shoreditch conference can shine, whilst various breakout rooms are available for whatever you may need.

3. A conference spot for immersive presentations: 25 Paul Street


This five-storey townhouse is only a stone's throw from the City of London and has a 70s retro-style theme. Although it is known for turning into a late-night disco daily, 25 Paul Street offers its customisable rooms for daytime corporate events.

Guest can bring their concepts to life with 25 Paul Street’s lightboxes and projection mapping making for an immersive and memorable event.

Try The Cocktail Lounge, which seats 20 boardroom style or 70 standing. Full AV is provided for all your presenting needs. A retractable screen and classy furnishing ensure the space is ideal for corporate events. This space has its own private entrance and cloakroom alongside an accessible toilet, bar, and DJ box.

So whether you're hosting a brand launch, a drinks reception or a brainstorming session, this immersive spot offers a versatile space for your next event.

4. For a smaller Shoreditch conference: Cobalance Cafe

Shoreditch, London

From the grand to the intimate. Cobalance cafe is a smallish conference space in Shoreditch that nevertheless packs a punch. Located a 4-minute walk from Shoreditch High Street Station, Cobalance is well connected, allowing attendees to come from across London for a conference.

The pull, though, is Cobalance’s informal atmosphere. A relaxed vibe saturates the venue, with a very Shoreditch approach to conference space. Expect multi-coloured fluorescent lighting, a working bar, an outside area, Arcade games, a Surround Sound System and a lot of men in hats that resemble prophylactics.

5. Hold a conference in Shoreditch’s converted brewery space: Porter Tun

Shoreditch, London

Presumably named after the thick black stout that kept most of Victorian England staggering through their industrial gloom, Porter Tun is a huge conference space in Shoreditch that lends itself perfectly to bespoke and themed conference events. The roof stretches 60ft above 778 square metres of antique wooden floor.

Despite the grand age of the building’s structure, The Brewery has spared no expense in outfitting Porter Tun with ​a state-of-the-art sound system, Wi-Fi and fully integrated LED lighting system. You can expect to fit 1000 delegates in this Shoreditch conferencing centre.

6. A future-facing Shoreditch conference space: Techspace

Shoreditch, London

Opting for an industrial yet modern look, the Loading Bay in Shoreditch provides a tech-themed conferencing space, benefiting from a high ceiling and being flooded with plenty of natural light (when the English weather allows for it, of course).

Befitting the venue name, Techspace is a great option for those wanting a fully up-to-spec conferencing space – speeches and presentations are supported by high-spec AV throughout, including wired and wireless casting options, 4 microphones, record-out capability and a SONOS system you can control. Just pick some good walk-on music.

It's a great option for those wanting a conference with a forward-looking vibe.

7. Conference in a Shoreditch music icon: Troxy

Shoreditch, London

If you want your conferencing venue to be situated in a genuine site of local importance, you could do a lot worse than Troxy.

The 1930s Art Deco music hall has seen various iterations and numerous legendary performances (seriously, look it up, you won't be disappointed).

The huge Grand Hall space is their most cavernous of areas and proves a great option for those wanting a conference in Shoreditch with. a bit of personality.

What's more, venue hire at Troxy comes with an Events Manager who specialises in your kind of event. They’ll be your contact for all planning and on-the-night organisation alongside their operations team, some of the most experienced and talented people in the UK.

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Frequently asked questions

Some popular conference venues in Shoreditch include:

Shoreditch Town Hall - Huge civic building in the centre of Shoreditch

Techspace - Forward thinking conference venue

Cobalance Cafe - Small conference space with a finger on the pulse

Troxy - Iconic music venue perfect for dramatic conferences

When choosing a conference venue in Shoreditch, consider factors such as location, capacity, amenities, and price. Make sure the venue has enough space to accommodate your attendees and has the necessary equipment and facilities for your conference.

The costs associated with planning a conference in Shoreditch will vary depending on factors such as the size of the conference, the location and amenities of the venue, and the services provided. Be sure to ask about deposit and cancellation policies when booking a venue.

To ensure that your conference runs smoothly, coordinate with the venue staff and plan your conference well in advance. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and work with speakers to ensure they have all the necessary information. Keep an eye out for any issues that may arise and be prepared to handle them.

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