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Written by Luke Bull - 09 October 2023

The 8 best private party venues in Shoreditch

How do you know you’ve found yourself at a party in Shoreditch? Take it from us, there are a few clear giveaways: lots of local beers being drunk by guys in marketing, the room a flurry of frail wrists and fisherman hats. Expect exposed brickwork, exposed pipework and exposed roof rafters; the level of disdain for wallpaper in Shoreditch should not be underestimated.

So yes, a Shoreditch private party is, in part, a parody of itself. But if we’re honest, the heart of East London still manages to pull it off. So, with that in mind, we’ve collated some of the best Shoreditch venues that allow you to hire out a space to have your own private party in.

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1. A Shoreditch venue for a late-night disco boogie: 25 Paul Street


Nestled in Shoreditch, this five-storey townhouse offers multiple 70s retro-style spaces to celebrate music, art and drinks.

25 Paul Street is an immersive bar that turns into a buzzing party venue. Open until 3 am daily, this spot is popular with those looking to let their hair down.

Head to the quirky Cocktail Lounge for a disco-themed tipple with weekday happy hour offering 50% off. When the energy is right, The Basement Club becomes a disco with its light-up ceiling and lightboxes showing art. Weekend DJs spin timeless classics for guests to boogie into the early hours.

Hire the Basement for a maximum of 120 people with the use of a private bar, DJ equipment and some very Instagrammable toilets. For a soiree, the cocktail lounge can also host 120 guests.

Want bigger? For a giant bash, hire the whole venue for up to 210 people and dance the night away.

So whether you want to celebrate a birthday, brand launch or bride-to-be, this spot has it all.

2. A Japanese-inspired party venue in Shoreditch: Apothecary East

Shoreditch, London

This handsome townhouse in a quiet backstreet of Shoreditch has managed to tastefully bring together Japanese drinks, snacks and expertly curated music to form a really atmospheric party venue.

The Charlotte Road hotspot (just off Great Eastern Street) is strikingly aesthetic, with large light-letting windows illuminating the clean wooden furniture and green leather upholstery. You can hire out the entire bar for up to 70 party-goers and drink your way into the night with a delicious Zen Garden cocktail before tucking into their justifiable famous miso glazed aubergine.

village underground function room shoreditch
village underground shoreditch hall

3. Shoreditch’s live music venue and blank canvas party venue: Village Underground

Shoreditch, London

Signified by the iconic twin overground carriages that adorn its ceiling, Village Underground is a unique, characterful space in the centre of Shoreditch which would make a striking party setting. The old victorian viaduct has been recast as a multifunctional centre and has a pedigree of event history under its belt.

The vibe is definitely industrial, with the viaduct’s brickwork and open ceiling giving you a really versatile canvas to project your perfect Shoreditch party onto. Capacity tops out at 720, which is more than enough for a truly memorable party.

Queen of hoxton east london party venue
Queen of Hoxton Shoreditch beer garden 2

4. An OG Shoreditch party venue: Queen of Hoxton

Shoreditch, London

Queen of Hoxton is so ingrained in the Shoreditch party landscape, it would a crime to miss it off this list. The multi-floor pub-cum-club-cum-rooftop bar is truly vast, with enough nooks, crannies and corners to accommodate any level of hedonism you might conceive.

Whilst the standard Friday and Saturday night Shoreditch circuit renders Queen of Hoxton pretty busy, off-peak times can see you hiring out many of the venue’s spaces. The rooftop, for example, can fit 300 people and is refurbished twice a year to accommodate a winter and summer crowd. Downstairs the standout space has to be the Discotheque, a neon-bathed basement dancefloor with its own bar and space for 100 budding Disco Stus.

Shoreditch platform activity bar
Shoreditch platform activity bar

5. A party venue in Shoreditch for gamers: Platform

Shoreditch, London

There is a slice of the demographic, holding a certain age and disposition, who will associate the term 'party' with a few things. Screen-scorched eyes, for instance, crumpled energy drinks and FPS waiting rooms, Turtle Beaches crackling with adolescent insults and hushed celebrations of bicycle kicks as dawn approaches.

Whilst the world may tell you to grow up and embrace the dinner parties and start googling 'wine bars', we're not like that. There is no shame in gaming, as the Shoreditch bar Platfrom expertly demonstrates. You'll find this video-game-centric bar on Worship Street, and it is packed with cross-console gaming booths, old and new, that allow you to kick, punch, shoot and jump your way to gold coin success.

Renting out the entire space is a great way to add a unique twist to your private party in Shoreditch. The entire venue has room for 100 party guests, with there being a good array of cocktails, beers and bar food available to keep everyone happy.


6. An escape room party venue 2 minutes from Shoreditch High Street: Escape Plan

Shoreditch, London

Escape rooms have taken London by storm over the last decade. It seems the city's partygoers are no longer content with easily exiting a room, and crave increasingly contrived means of preventing a straightforward exit.

Escape Plan seeks to stand out by framing the experience in a World War II setting. As the clock ticks inexorably towards your penitention you and your team must negotiate a series of clues. The themes range from POW camps and Blitz-era London to wartime smuggling rings. For a private party, you can hire out the venue for 45 people, who will be split into competing teams.

 Mama shelter karaoke venue shoreditch
mama shelter shoreditch cocktail bars 3

7. A beautiful venue for a garden party: Mama Shelter

Shoreditch, London

A party of 60 can make use of Mama Shelter's beautiful garden bar. The light and verdant space benefits from a retractable roof that makes it a great option come winter or summer. The decor of the party venue is all about chic wire and wicker furniture, with a stunning central bar proving the centrepiece.

Mama shelter is located just east of Shoreditch, just past Hackney City Farm. Of course, with the garden bar, you'll also be in proximity to the many other spaces Mama Shelter offers (including a karaoke room, a foosball table and their in-house restaurant).

Colours shoreditch function room
Colours shoreditch function room

8. An arts-focused bar for a great Shoreditch party: Colours

Shoreditch, London

Located on the quiet streets that enclose Hoxton Square, Colours is a stylish sunken bar that offers full hire for 175 guests. The menu features a range of beers, bottles and a decent cocktail selection which are all available to pre-order for your event. The food is headed up by caterers The Orange Buffalo and tends to feature very delicious things coated in very delicious sauces.

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Your guide to Shoreditch's party venues

There are few areas that can keep up with Shoreditch when it comes to parties. Venture East for some of the best party venues – be it small, intimate venues, massive party event spaces or quirky, unique venues that will elevate your private bash. Planning the perfect party can often feel like a mammoth task: with so many options you can often get lost in a labyrinth of endless choices and options. At HeadBox we pride ourselves on being party experts – we’ve planned every kind of soiree you can imagine and we’re here to help you party the right way without losing sleep.

From small party halls to large party venues

A great party has the perfect-sized venue for the kind of bash you’re planning to throw. Chances are you won’t want to hire out a whole converted warehouse for yourself and three friends (unless you really like your personal space). If it’s just you and a few close friends then you may want to consider hiring out one of Shoreditch’s many amazing bars, or a small hall if that’s more up your street. For the bigger parties, we have an amazing catalogue of aesthetically impressive event spaces and outdoor venues that can accommodate an army of party-goers.

Canapes? Cocktails? Both?

Think carefully about what you want to supply for your lucky party guests. If you’re opting for food then it’s a good idea to consider the costs and benefits of different catering options. A sit-down meal will set you back more than a selection of snacks, and you’ll want to include private dining venues in your possible party venues. Alternatively, you can focus more on drinks with some of London’s top cocktail bars and make it a night to (sort of ) remember. Fancy a mixture? Lots of Shoreditch pubs and bars will let you hire out your private space and have delicious food options as well, that way you and your friends can stay watered and fed and keep the energy going.

Location is key

A party is a great way to bring all your loved ones together. Part of the fun is seeing friends that may live in the far corners of the country – for them though, it might mean a bit of travelling. Plan sympathetically to your guests by scoping out the local transport links – Shoreditch is super connected to the rest of London, and it’s a good idea to look for venues that aren’t too far from the main train stations or, if you’re expecting an international crowd, perhaps look for some of the great airport-adjacent venues.

Top tip: When sending out your party invite it’s a good idea to note down the best ways to get to the venue - that way no one will find themselves lost or unable to park and missing the great vibes.

Frequently asked questions

Hijingo - The 90-minute bingo games make full use of the state-of-the-art lighting and AV, bringing a spectacle of flashes, blurs and booms to up to 250 guests.

Trapeze Bar - This circus-themed bar offers a range of entertainment, including cabaret and live music. It has several rooms, including a basement club, a rooftop terrace, and a cocktail lounge.

The Book Club - This versatile venue offers a range of spaces, including a cocktail bar, a ping pong room, and a basement club. The Book Club hosts a variety of events, including DJ nights, live music, and book launches.

There really is no one answer to this question: so many variables come into play when understanding the cost of exclusive hire of a party venue. How many guests are you planning for? Is the venue for the day, an afternoon, or the night? The good news is that you can find a venue for pretty much any budget (okay, almost any budget). Instead of letting the venue dictate the price, our advice is to be proactive and set a budget that you feel comfortable with – this way the right venues can reach out to you through HeadBox.

There are lots of ways to book a Shoreditch party venue. You can do the old-fashioned thing and pick up the phone, or email the venue directly. Unfortunately, lots of venues are busy and may not get back to you in time. That's where we come in. Give us your enquiry and we'll reach out to the best party venues in Shoreditch and let you enjoy your free time. Easy.

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