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Written by Luke Bull

January 19, 2023

The best Karaoke bars in Shoreditch

Karaoke may have been born and developed in Japan, but, spiritually, the act of singing badly after one too many drinks in a gaudy room below a pub seems an ideal match for the English psyche. Shoreditch, with its reputation for late-night hedonism and bar-heavy backroads, seems perfectly placed to host a karaoke night out. To assist work ice breakers, hen nights and jaunty nights on the town, we took a look around for the very best karaoke bars in Shoreditch. All you need to do is decide on a song.

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1. A Brick Lane karaoke spot: All Star Lanes

Shoreditch, London

Whilst better known for their bowling alleys, Brick Lane's All Star Lanes outfit has diversified into the timeless art of booze-saoked singing. The rooms can hold up to 14 guests, with patterned wallpaper, garish green sofas and big screens leaving little room for subtle flourishes. The pricing is structured per hour, with drinks being allowed in the rooms (a necessity when it comes to gathering the courage for a rendition of Whitney).

2. A Hotel with its own karaoke room: Mama Shelter

Shoreditch, London

Due North-East of Shoreditch, wedged between the winding Regents Canal and the floral thoroughfare of Colombia Road, Mama Shelter is hotel-cum-bar-cum-reatuarant-cum-karakoe venue. With striking designs emphasising the very east london cool of Mama Shelter, the two karaoke rooms are within easy reach of Shoreditch.

Each room is mercifully soundproofed and features hundreds of songs, multiple microphones and a full selection of snacks and drinks. Can't bear the racket? Outside each room are two fully functional arcade games cabinets, so no one is left out.

3. Karaoke with a Hip-Hop twist: Queen of Hoxton

Shoreditch, London

The inevitable end night of so many HeadBox post-work excursions, Queen of Hoxton is a Shoreditch karaoke bar targeted specifically to belting out some of the Hip Hop classics.

Entertain your fantasies of performing some Biggie, duet along to The Fugees or stumble your way through rappers paradise all whilst being cheered enthusiastically on by a sympathetic crowd. It's fun, goes well with being drunk and the results are sometimes embarrassing: truly the spirit of karaoke.

4. A central Shoreditch karaoke venue with the spirit of the South: Blues Kitchen

Shoreditch, London

A much-loved music venue at the northern end of Curtain Road, it comes at little suprise that Blues Kitchen Shoreditch also has private karaoke rooms. The karaoke space can host up to 20 guests, with a range of genres and songs being made available. Really, though, unless you're belting out the blues, you've probably gone wrong.

5. A pub with karaoke bottomless brunch: The Star by Liverpool Street

Shoreditch, London

Seemingly plucked from the fever dreams of your fun middle-aged-aunt, The Star by Liverpool street is a pub that is somehow combining brunch and Karaoke. It's so obvious, it hurts.

Alongside mixing karaoke with the Live Laugh Love of meals, The Star stands out for its eclectic mix of rooms you can sing in. Choice spaces include the Disco and Star room, which can both cater to 8 people. The Jungle and Gold rooms are slightly bigger, with enough space for 10 guests, whereas the huge Pink Room can host 15 people. Planning your own private concert? The two function rooms (Glam Palace & Backstage room) can be combined into one giant karaoke space suitable for 80 people.

What's your go-to karaoke song? Sing your heart out at the ultimate karaoke venues in Shoreditch

Warm up those vocal chords, choose your favourite song and get ready to belt it out at one of these top Shoreditch karaoke venues. A night in a karaoke booth is a surefire way to get everyone in the mood for a lively night - why not hire out your own and have an exclusive karaoke event? Whether you're the next Ariana Grande, future Gallagher duo or just there to cheer on your mates, hire one of these karaoke venues near you today.

Your Guide to Karaoke in Shoreditch

  1. Choose a Venue: There are plenty of options in Shoreditch when it comes to hosting a karaoke party. Depending on your budget, you can choose from a variety of bars and clubs that offer karaoke nights. Some of the most popular venues include The Book Club, Bar Music Hall, and Cargo.

  2. Gather Your Guests: Invite your friends and family to join in on the fun and sing along. Make sure to let them know the time and location of the party and to dress in their best singing attire.

  3. Choose Your Songs: Pick a variety of songs that everyone can sing along to. From classic favourites to current chart-toppers, you can find a selection of karaoke tracks at most venues.

  4. Book the Equipment: Most venues will have the necessary equipment for karaoke, but if you’re hosting the party at home, you’ll need to hire a sound system and lights.

  5. Have Fun: Once your guests have arrived, it’s time to get the party started. Make sure to provide plenty of refreshments and snacks and start blaring out your best impression of Whitney.

There are many great venues in Shoreditch that offer karaoke services. Some popular venues include Lucky Voice Karaoke Bar, East London Karaoke, and Shoreditch Karaoke. All of these venues provide private rooms and can accommodate large groups.

There is no one set price for a Shoreditch Karaoke room. The cost may vary depending on factors such as the size of the room, the amenities included, and the time of day or week that the room is being rented. It's best to contact karaoke venues directly to inquire about specific pricing, or submit a brief with HeadBox and let them contact you.

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