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Written by Mae Bristow - 06 March 2024

Our favourite Soho private dining rooms

Soho occupies a unique place in the London psyche. The capital's good-time girl has held onto the nightlife crown for decades. Carnaby Street, Greek Street, Dean and Wardour Street all evoke an unmistakable sense of excess, indulgence and fun.

Whilst having a drink in Soho is a rite of passage, there are also an untold number of truly amazing food experiences to be had within the confines of the Shaftesbury Avenue and Oxford Street borders. And what could be more Soho than having a private, excellent meal? Get your closest together to eat and drink amid the dim lighting of an underground restaurant or historic townhouse.

We've collected our favourite Soho dining rooms in this list, you can be guaranteed of a decent meal at any of them, yet each brings something truly unique to the very literal table.


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the dining room broadwick soho private dining london
the dining room broadwick soho private dining london

1. Luxe maximalism in all its glory: The Dining Room at Broadwick Soho

Soho, London

Luxury hotel Broadwick Soho has raised one glittery-tipped and bejewelled middle finger to the face of minimalism. Everything about their maximalist aesthetic embraces bold patterns, colours, and textures, flamboyant Italo Disco touches mingle with leopard print. Artful tiles evocative of Portugal are lit by seductive Murano lighting. Pastoral floral wallpaper recalling English country homes somehow blends perfectly with the glamour and opulence that is Broadwick Soho.

Enter left stage, the Dining Room. A Soho private dining experience that's all about luxury, glam, and exclusivity. The eighth-floor dining room seats 28 guests on one table and the showstopping décor complements the room's views of the central London skyline views through floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Dining Room is ideal for executive board meetings, creative workshops, and the ultimate private dining experience. It's eccentric, it's wild, and it perfectly captures that mad luxurious side of Soho. It's oh-so-perfectly Instagrammable.

interior first floor wine room at bantof soho private dining room
cocktail at bantof soho private dining room

2. A restaurant, cocktail bar, and art space in the middle of Soho: Bantof

Soho, London

There are a number of reasons why Bantof is a top-tier destination for private dining in Soho. First, the restaurant and cocktail bar-cum-art space was designed with people in mind, in other words, nothing too fancy, but instead expect a relaxed ambiance, and comfortable and stylish modern decor that complements - rather than detracts - from the rotating art exhibitions on the walls.

Bantof's ground floor houses the Cocktail Room, an effortlessly cool with plush forest green cushions and accents throughout. The Cocktail Room can accommodate 25 seated and 40 standing for a top-notch Soho private dining experience. The first floor and terrace, the Wine Bar, is marked by a wave bar, luxe soft cushion seats, and can accommodate 25 (seated), and the lovely outdoor terrace can seat 15.

Bantof's cocktail menu features classic cocktails as well as signature cocktails that embody the character of Soho. The kitchen at Bantof produces signature dishes designed to be enjoyed via tasting plates in keeping with the restaurant’s relaxed and collaborative vision. Lastly, the walls of Bantof showcase a rotating collection of up-and-coming and established artists.

Located on Great Windmill Street and only moments from Piccadilly Circus station, Bantof is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of Soho's busy bohemian streets.

dishes at zahter soho private dining london
zahter soho private dining london

3. Istanbulite cuisine in the private Loft at Zahter

Soho, London

Zahter located in the Carnaby Lanes in Soho is a cosy and understated little Turkish restaurant that specialises in Istanbulite cuisine. The Loft is a private event space that features a unique open-plan kitchen and bar counter. It's laid-back and stylish with lounge-style furnishing. The Loft can accommodate up to 25 people and can be hired for private dining and parties.

Zahter offers 2 different kinds of buffet menus and can tailor drinks and canapes to suit your event. Zahter also offers a wine menu and an Istanbul-inspired signature cocktail menu that we highly recommend – the Istanbul Highball or Zahter's Night come highly recommended.

interior of the groucho club private dining soho london
interior of the groucho club private dining soho london

4. A private dining room in a world-renowned arts & media private members club: The Groucho Club

Soho, London

Ideally located on Dean Street, The Gennaro Room in The Groucho Club is a respite from the (albeit wonderful) chaos of Soho's streets. The Groucho Club is a private members' club and was established in the 1980s as a bastion and refuge for arts, literature, and media folk, and remains so today.

With an overall standing capacity of 80, The Gennaro Room can accommodate myriad events and offers several seating arrangements to suit your needs. The Gennaro Room is modern and minimal, with white walls that act as a blank canvas for the art prints on the walls and superb lighting that can be adapted to create any mood.

The space is best suited for intimate dinners, cocktail parties, and even seminars and workshops – a versatile space if there ever was one. While we love this Soho private dining room best for parties with its offering of top-tier menus, wine, cocktails, and, of course, hospitality, The Groucho Club's ability to host all types of private events makes it one of Soho's top private dining destinations.

Bob bob ricard soho private dining 3.
Bob bob ricard soho private dining

5. An iconic Soho private dining room: Bob Bob Ricard.

Soho, London

With a David Collins-led design and a classic British and Russian menu, Bob Bob Ricard puts other spaces to shame – the beautiful and over-the-top interiors beguile and delight in equal measure. Where else could you dine surrounded by patterns lifted from backgammon boards, ‘press for champagne’ buttons, and food that looks like it came straight from the set of Ana Karenina?

For Private dining, you can hire out the ‘Royal Dining Carriage’ room, which seems to echo the style of the famously stylish Orient Express. The Soho private dining room can seat up to 16 diners, and the full à la carte menu is offered.

The minimum spend is £1000 plus service at lunch, reside to £1500 plus service at dinner. You can reserve online or call up. It’s truly extravagant and indulgent, but then what else would be more Soho than that?

AQUA NUEVA soho private dining
Aqua Nueva soho private dining

6. Comida Hermosa on Regent Street: Aqua Nueva

Soho, London

Sweet, elegant and Spanish, Aqua Nueva’s central tenants read like a dream hinge profile. Style is obviously at the forefront of this Central London eatery, with marble tile flooring, parabolic copper ceiling and a rooftop terrace bringing the big guns.

Substance is not, however, an afterthought. Small plates feature across the menu, bringing melt-in-the-mouth bites of Iberico, Beetroot Salmorejo and probably the best croquetas you can get without flying into Adolfo Suárez airport.

Two adaptable private dining rooms with a private terrace provide multiple event options or larger events can hire the space exclusively.

Social eating house soho private dining room
Social eating house soho private dining room

7. A Soho private dining room in a Michelin star restaurant: Social Eating House

Soho, London

In the heart of Soho, you’ll find this restaurant hidden away by the equally noteworthy Blind Pig cocktail bar. The Social Eating House prides itself on serving up simple yet innovative dishes in a comfortable, understated setting.

The menu takes seasonal ingredients and lets them shine in examples of classically inspired cookery. For private hire, you can expect standout plates like the Cumbrian beef tartare (served with an intriguing ‘bloody mary’ marmite egg jam) and Cornish turbot with a crab and salt turbot brandade.

Their exclusive hire option is available for 120 standing guests, with a seating limit of 72. It’s great food in an unassuming setting – and you can head up for a cocktail at the end.

Le Vert, L'Escargot soho private dining
Le Vert, L'Escargot soho private dining

8. A very French Soho private dining room: L'Escargot

Soho, London

Lending significant weight to the argument that ‘restauarant names sound better in french’, L’Escargot has been feeding Soho’s hungry francophiles since 1927.

Occupying 48 Greek Street, the building is a magnificent Georgian townhouse that dates back all the way to 1741 and has seen an embarrassingly rich list of culinary greats: From snail pioneer and founder Georges Gaudin, to restauranter Elena Salvoni and original kitchen nightmare Marco Pierre White.

The Le Vert room is decked out, disconcertingly, in a slime green colour, yet somehow remains a classy affair. The maximum capacity is for 45, but really you’ll want to max out at 12 if you want a sit-down meal on the large dining table. If you don’t know what to order here, run the restaurant’s name through google translate.

The Blue Room, Quo Vadis soho private dining
The Blue Room, Quo Vadis soho private dining

9. A very blue Soho private dining room: The Blue Room, Quo Vadis

Soho, London

“Blue, blue, electric blue / That's the colour of my room / Where I will live” Sound and Vision, David Bowie.

Another historic joint, Quo Vadis has the curious honour of once being both the home of Karl Marx and a former brothel.

Forsaking vice and international revolution, the Great Dame of Dean Street now operates as a Private Member's club and restaurant. The latter boasts no less than three private dining rooms, one of which is, fittingly, very blue.

The Blue Room can hold up to 45 guests, who will be surrounded by tastefully chosen furniture and large windows overlooking the churn of Soho. The food is decidedly British and seasonal – if you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend the griddled Ox tongue, alongside some vinegared Oysters, both of which are rumoured to possess aphrodisiac properties. When in Rome.

100 wardour street soho private dining
100 wardour street soho private dining

10. A Soho private dining room with its own billiard table: 100 Wardour St

Soho, London

With a name chosen so you’ll never have trouble finding it, 100 Wardour St is another excellent private dining room in the apparently very populated ‘heart of Soho’.

100 Wardour St. advertises ‘easy yet delicious’ food on its menu. This translates to a wide range of cuisines, you’ll find everything from salmon nigiri to aubergine paella and chocolate fondant. The ‘easy’ it appears, is in the eating, not the cooking.

The exclusive Playroom offers seated and standing options for 10 to 40 guests, and comes with its own billiard table, which can be transformed into a dining table if needed. The interior resembles a particularly comfortable study, with bookcases, heavy curtains and enough soft lighting to make anyone look attractive.

Marsha private dining soho 3
Marsha private dining soho

11. A light and airy private dining room in Soho: Marsha

Soho, London

Located in a large warehouse-style space just off carnaby street, marsha is a refreshing departure from georgian townhouses and snug Soho dining rooms. The site was previously home to the vaunted Whyte & Brown, a much missed Kingly Court classic.

The huge, three-storey venue can cater up to 200 diners. With three distinct event spaces (including an outdoor area), versatility is the name of the game here.

Marsha’s food option is unapologetically dedicated to poultry. Expect chicken prepared in so many different ways, you’ll start to doubt the existence of other meats. For a full Marsha experience, opt for the Maple glazed chicken thighs with truffle fries, and a side of crispy chicken skins. It’s not fine dining, but it is good.

Scarlett green soho private dining room 3
Scarlett green soho private dining room 3

12. An underground private dining room: Scarlett Green

Soho, London

Scarlett Green is one of the many, many Daisy Green venues appearing all over London. The low-key, relaxed Australian food and coffee venues promise summery, Mediterranean ingredients prepared with an Asian twist. Scarlett green promises Soho an ‘iconic space that becomes a local destination and meeting point for local residents'.

Marketing schtick out of the way, Scarlett green comes into its own during the brunching hours. Avocados will be smashed, eggs will be poached, salmon will be smoked and there’s something called ‘cold fermented activated charcoal sourdough’ which, to be honest, makes us feel old.

The Aussies offer an underground space which brings a speakeasy vibe for 80 people. You can also hire out the whole venue, if you want, and get 200 guests fully brunched out.

Private Dining Room, Shack-Fuyu 1 soho
Private Dining Room, Shack-Fuyu soho

13. A Japanese private dining room in Soho: Private Dining Room, Shack-Fuyu

Soho, London

Falling under the now-ubiquitous Bone Daddies group, Shack-Fuyu transitioned from pop-up to full-blown venue. The Japanese-with-a-twist eatery endeared itself with not-so-authentic dishes like Kinako french toast, Iberico Katsu Curry and Okonomiyaki prawn toast. Jiro has not dreamed of this, we assure you.

The private dining offering is a 16-seater table, in a room adorned with vintage Kurosawa film posters and an Izakaya-like feel.

two chairmen soho private dining room

14. A proper Soho pub private dining room: Chairmen's Lounge, Crown & Two Chairmen

Soho, London

Sometimes, all you want is a pub. Enter The Crown & Two Chairmen stage left.

Located on the corner of Dean and Bateman Street, this restored Soho boozer offers no-thrills pub food to the stumbling crowds of Soho. We’re talking pies, burgers and mash. The Steak, Shin & Pale Ale Pie, in particular, goes fantastically with a pint.

If privacy is your thing, then you can hire out the ‘Chairman’s Lounge’, an upstairs area with an impressive capacity of 100 people. The furniture can be moved to accommodate whatever sort of private dining you’re seeking, and there’s even a private bar. Now there’s no excuse not to get a round in.

The best private dining rooms in Soho

Do you have a dream private dining experience? The right private dining room can make or break your culinary adventure. Browse the very best of private dining rooms in Soho and you could be eating al fresco with your friends or tasting a cutting-edge menu in your own chic private space. Hiring a private dining room near you has never been easier. From large restaurant dining rooms to cosy little cafes and brasseries, experience the best Soho has to offer. Have a look at these stunning private dining rooms and get some ideas for where to have your next event. Alternatively, tell us exactly what you need and we'll make sure the very best Soho venues respond to your enquiry.

Find My Private Dining Room

How to hire a private dining room in Soho

We know that finding a venue the old-fashioned way (where you trawl the internet, contact 10 venues or set your heart on one, only to find that they're out of your price range and not even available on your dates) is a pain, and there are a few pitfalls between you and booking your perfect private dining room. Getting the venue finding process down to a professional art is what we’ve made our mission ever since we took on the events industry. We often get asked the same questions, so here's what we recommend to quickly and easily hire a space in Soho.

Determine your budget: Before you start looking for a private dining room, decide on your budget. This will help you narrow down your options and avoid overspending.

Choose a location: Soho is a popular area with many private dining room options, so it's important to decide on the location that suits you best. Consider factors such as accessibility, parking, and nearby attractions.

Determine the number of guests: Knowing the number of guests will help you choose a private dining room that accommodates your group comfortably. Ensure that the room is not too small, so your guests don't feel cramped, or too large, so the atmosphere doesn't feel empty.

Choose the type of cuisine: Most private dining rooms offer a variety of cuisines, so choose the one that suits your event. It's important to consider any dietary requirements or food allergies of your guests when making this decision.

Research and compare options: Once you have an idea of your budget, location, guest count, and cuisine, start researching private dining room options in Soho. You can use search engines, and online directories, or ask for recommendations from friends or colleagues.

Check the room amenities: Consider the amenities that come with the private dining room, such as audio-visual equipment, Wi-Fi, a private bar, and special lighting. Check if the room has windows or outdoor access, so guests can enjoy a view or fresh air.

Arrange a site visit: Before booking a private dining room, arrange a site visit to view the space in person. This will help you determine if the room meets your expectations, ask questions, and get a feel for the atmosphere.

Confirm the booking: Once you have chosen a private dining room, confirm the booking and ensure that all the details are clear. Be sure to read and understand the terms and conditions of the booking and make any necessary deposits.

Plan the menu: Work with the restaurant team to plan the menu and make any necessary arrangements for dietary requirements or food allergies.

Confirm the final details: A few days before the event, confirm the final details with the restaurant, including the guest count, menu, and any special requests. This will ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the event.

Frequently asked questions

For private dining rooms in Soho, you're spoilt for choice. Here are a few extra special ones that we vouch for:

The Den, 100 Wardour Street – With an extensive menu and beautiful art, this Soho private dining venue is one to visit for your next night out.

The Roof Terrace, Ham Yard Hotel – Let London be your backdrop at this rooftop restaurant.

The cost of renting a private dining room in Soho can vary depending on the size of the room, the location, the type of cuisine, and the time of day. It's important to determine your budget beforehand to ensure that you don't overspend. The good news is that you can find a venue for pretty much any budget (okay, almost any budget). Instead of letting the venue dictate the price, our advice is to be proactive and set a budget that you feel comfortable with – this way the right venues can reach out to you through HeadBox.

There are lots of ways to book a Soho private dining room. You can do the old-fashioned thing and pick up the phone, or email the venue directly. Unfortunately, lots of venues are busy and may not get back to you in time. That's where we come in. Give us your enquiry and we'll reach out to the best private dining rooms in Soho and let you enjoy your free time. Easy.

Private dining rooms in Soho can host a variety of events, including business meetings, corporate events, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and other social gatherings.

Private dining rooms in Soho vary in size, and their capacity can range from a few people to a hundred or more.

Private dining rooms in Soho offer a variety of cuisines, including Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, and British. Some restaurants may also offer fusion cuisines.

It's best to check with the private dining room beforehand to see if you can bring your own decorations or music. Some private dining rooms may have restrictions or guidelines regarding decorations and music.

Yes, many private dining rooms in Soho offer custom menus or allow you to work with the chef to create a menu that suits your needs and preferences.

Yes, many private dining rooms in Soho require a deposit to secure the booking. The deposit amount can vary and may depend on the size of the room and the type of event.

Yes, it's always a good idea to arrange a site visit before booking a private dining room. This will help you determine if the room meets your expectations and if it's suitable for your event.

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