Secret Garden Room, Batch
Secret Garden Room, Batch
Secret Garden Room, Batch
Secret Garden Room, Batch
Secret Garden Room, Batch
Secret Garden Room, Batch
Secret Garden Room, Batch
Secret Garden Room, Batch

Secret Garden Room, Batch

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About Batch

Continuing on from their brilliantly successful pop-up last year, Batch have given their monsters a little bit of a costume change!

A little bit of colour has crept into the landscape... Intimate and instagrammable, the walls are covered with eye-catching, colourful murals of the mythical creatures that are the muses of the cocktail menu.

Summer is a distant memory and autumn’s almost out, but Batch is the perfect place to spend the cold winter nights. Grab a drink at the bar or wander into the plant-filled Secret Garden room and sip on a mouth-watering array of delicious cocktails in this woodland hideaway.

Partnering with Maverick Drinks, some of the favourites from the pop-up are still there with a few new friends, alongside perfectly crafted classics, some of the best wine in the area & beer from Peckham's own Brick Brewery.

Using a selection of small-batch and handmade spirits from Maverick Drinks, including St George Terroir Gin, NYDC Ragtime Rye, FEW Bourbon and Bathtub Sloe, the cocktails focus on beautiful ingredients and careful balance.

There's something for everyone on our menu but we're very happy to go off-piste if you fancy something different!

Hungry? Order your Deliveroo or UberEats for delivery at the pop-up, and the team will provide you with plates and cutlery alongside your delicious drinks.

The local restaurants and several caterers will support us if you want canapés, finger food, street food, or a sit-down meal and our team will fall over themselves to cater for your every need.

Suitable for

Party Private dining


  • TV/Projector
  • Audio Equipment
  • Disabled Access
  • Whiteboards/Flipcharts
  • Parking
  • Breakout spaces


  • Cabaret: 36
  • Classroom: 36
  • Seating: 36
  • Standing: 50
  • Theatre: 36
  • U-shaped: 16



We can organise an arrival cocktail for you and your guests or a deal on prosecco frizzante. You'll find some suggestions below, but we can always play around and design a cocktail especially for your event. This can insure that guests get a drink in their hands in good time.

VinoVispo Frizzante, Enrico Bedin, Veneto, Italy, NV
Usually priced at £26 a bottle we can drop it by £6 and offer it to you for £20

Twinkle £5
St George All Purpose Vodka, elderflower cordial, prosecco

Dark and Stormy £5
Rumbullion! Dark Spiced Rum, Fresh Lime Juice, Ginger Beer, Angostura Bitters

White Peach Bellini £5
White peach puree, prosecco

Rhubarb Sherbet Martini £5
St George All Purpose Vodka, Rhubarb, acid mix

Nitro Espresso Martini £5.50
Vodka, Sandows Cold Brew Coffee & Espresso Cold Brew blend, Coffee Liqueur, sugar


We don't provide our own in house catering, however we can organise catering for you. In terms of local restaurants, Pizza Pickup, Pedler, Banh Banh, Yadas and Voodoo Rays have all supported events in the past and we have a great working relationship with them. If you would prefer a different restaurant, just let me know and I’ll reach out.

We have worked with a number of caterers most recently Raastawala. They are wonderful to work with and the food is delicious,it's modernised Calcutta street food. Their Spice Box, Kati Roll, and Masala Fries are £20 per person and the more extensive meal is £25 per person.

Other more formal caterers we have worked with include Tom Whitaker, Mange and Food Events. Each caterer will do any type of service from canapés and bowl food, to buffet, or sit down meal. Tom specialises in seasonal bespoke menus but he has provided bar style food and snacks at one of our other popups.
Mange is a wonderful company and very used to dropping food off to be served during parties. In fact one of their managers is the artist that painted the murals in the bar! Perhaps best for a buffet set up where people help themselves.
Food Events are good for bowl food and buffets as well - a company Tim has been working with for over a decade.
Each of these caterers will cost anything upwards of £50 pp depending on the package you would like.

If none of these options suit you let me know and we will suggest more options.


In terms of a play list, we use Spotify so if you have an account build your own list and saher it with us or send a song list to us and we’ll build it on our account.

We also have a local DJ that will come and play if you wish.


If you would like to organise a cake, finger food, party poppers or anything else just pop us a message and we’ll do our best to cater for you. If you want to hang disco balls and balloons or whatever you fancy just let us know and we can organise it or help you organise it.


Our team will do everything they can to make sure that you and your guests have a wonderful time . Please ensure you treat them with respect.

Please avoid confrontations with other guests or patrons, talk to our staff and we will resolve issues in a calm and composed manner. If the problem is with one of our staff please discuss it with a member of the team not involved.

You can do more or less what you want to the venue as long as you leave it more or less as you found it.

If you use decorations or theme the bar please make sure that you arrange a method and timescale for clean up with the General Manager.
We prefer not to have confetti in the premises.

All amplified and late licensed events will also need a Temporary Events Notice (TEN) but we can organise this for you with at least 10 working days notice. A small administration fee will apply

Please respect our neighbours and keep the noise down while entering and exiting the venue. After 10 pm a maximum of 5 people are allowed outside for reentry at any one time. No drinks allowed outside the premises.

Please be aware that due to the nature of the venue, booking a space within the venue cannot be exclusive as patrons will need to access facilities within the venue.


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