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Shoreditch has attained a reputation in London quite unlike any other. The undisputed epicentre of hipsters, tech bros and people who like coffees with complicated names, the denizens of EC1 and 2 know a thing or two about getting out and about.

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How to hire Shoreditch's best event spaces

The word ‘Shoreditch’ can trigger a pavlovian response when it comes to venues and events. Think of a montage of exposed railway arches and gentrified East End pubs, flocked to by city workers and startup types. Whilst this stereotype of London’s trendy mecca holds true, Shoreditch is also prized for the sheer variety of venues it offers. So if it’s a club, a unique space or an unforgettable dining experience, Shoreditch won’t let you down.

What kind of Shoreditch event are you looking for?

Understanding exactly the kind of event you’re looking to plan is the first step in the process. Ask yourself who will be attending? What kind of atmosphere they will be after? Are there any special requests or unique aspects that you will want to be catered to? Our advice is to imagine exactly what your perfect Shoreditch event looks like, and let the venues come to you.

Planning a party?

Shoreditch has a well-earned reputation for striking, wonderful venues that will let you host the ultimate private party. Old Street in particular is a thoroughfare of venues that wound satisfy any easterly hedonist: try your hand at ping pong (whilst retaining a drink in the other), or sip subterraneanly in the cosy lap of TT. Liquor’s Cellar Bar.

Or setting up a meeting?

It’s not all fun and games, sometimes work does have to get done. Getting on the grind shouldn’t mean settling for an uninspiring meeting room, though. Elevate your meetings, presentation and conferences with the versatile Open Kitchen, or bring your A-game to Huckletree’s techno-forward Shoreditch meeting space.

Don’t forget to eat…

The colourful and sedimented history of Shoreditch has blessed the district with a cosmopolitan food scene that draws inspiration from every corner of the globe. What’s even better is that lots of these incredible eateries are offering private dining options. So after the party or meeting, you can be sure you won’t go hungry.

Frequently asked questions

A quality Shoreditch venue hire could set you back anything beyond a £100 flat fee, with most hourly rates beginning at £50. Obviously, this price point will change according to the exact time and place you're wanting your event in Shoreditch to be. Weekends, evenings and holidays will tend to increase the average cost – after all venues have to recuperate what they would have made if the space was open to the numerous crowds of Shoreditch.

Shoreditch today is blessed with a genuinely bountiful variety of spaces. This means that pretty much any kind of venue can be hired out. Historic buildings, apartments, pubs and even civic buildings have diversified their earnings through offering private hire. It's a fantastic time to take advantage of the venue offerings in Shoreditch.

This is a great question, and it really depends on your own personal criteria. Some of our favourites are:

Village Underground - A fantastic blank canvas space in an old Victorian viaduct. The epitome of Shoreditch cool.

Cobalance - Cosy cafe on Shoreditch High Street

Shoreditch Town Hall - Iconic civic building that dominates Old Street

Queen of Hoxton - Multi-storey pub with a seasonally themed rooftop

Bao Shoreditch - Bao buns. Need we say more?

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