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Featured Recording Studios in London to Hire

From East to West, take a look at these best studios to suit your brief.

Studio 1, Soho Recording Studios

Soho Recording Studios is one of the best recording studios in London

The studio has been designed to accommodate recording, mixing, overdubing, mastering & post production.

There are ti...

London, WC1E
6 – 8 Guests

Studio 1, Mi7 Studios

Studio 1 at Mi7 is an ideally located recording studio to hire in London

Mi7 is one of the best recording studios in West London. Mi7 hosts a culture of young creatives and has become London...

Acton, W3
10 – 20 Guests

Studio Hire, One Louder Studios

One Louder Studios is One of The Best Recording Studios East London Has To Offer

Located in Shoreditch, East London and five Minutes from both Old Street and Liverpool Street sta...

Shoreditch, E2
20 Guests

Finding Recording Studios in London to Hire

Looking for recording studios in London to hire? The city is home to some of the most prestigious studios in the world.

Finding a Space with the technical requirements and support you need can be difficult.

That’s why we ensure that our recording studios fill out a detailed list of all the features they offer, so you have access to all the information you’ll need to make an informed booking.

London Recording Studios Editorial 1

Whether you’re in need of a recording studio hire for a voiceover or a music recording studio for some post-production touch ups, we’ve gathered our favourite venues to help you out.

With HeadBox you can search, book and pay for your studio in a matter of clicks.

London Recording Studios Editorial 2

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Top things to consider when looking for a recording studios in London

When you’re checking out a potential studio, have a scout around the local area and see what’s nearby. At some point during the day you and the other members will need a break. Whether that’s for a quick coffee or a well deserved feast at lunch, so make sure there is something nearby you can pop to. If the nearest cafe is a 20 minute walk away this may not be preferable if you’re on a strict time schedule.

Planning makes perfect

When it comes to your next recording at a top London music studio there’s a few things you need to think of before you get started.

First of all, if you’re planning on filming any behind-the-scenes footage or videos of band members or recorders during the day then always ask for permission first. Make sure everyone is aware that you might be filming certain sections of the day and that they’re aware of why and where this footage will be used. If there is a large group of you working on this project then make sure everyone is on the same page before the big day.

Creating some kind of schedule will ensure everyone knows exactly where they should be and what they should be doing. Figure out exactly who needs to be involved in the recording process, what their role will be and the timings of the day. If you’re paying for your London recording studio by the hour or have a strict timeline this is essential so that you don’t overrun.

Know your equipment

Another vital thing to check is what recording studio equipment the studio provides. Is it good enough quality for what you want to achieve? Ask the studio team if it is included in the studio hire fee too, as there may be additional costs for particular bits of equipment. You’ll know exactly what you want to record so make sure you can record in whichever format you need; analog or digital, but most recording studios in London will have the capacity to record in both.

If you are a first time recorder then the studio team will be able to explain in more detail the difference between the two and which one best fits your needs. Generally, analog recordings help to minimise distortions of sound that might crop up in your recordings. Digital makes it easier to use other digital technologies that will help you edit and tweak your recordings once it’s completed. If this is your first time then do some more research on this before you start checking out different studios.

If there’s anything the studio doesn’t have make a note of it so you can start organising what equipment you will need to source yourself from a local supplier. The main 3 things you want to check out are their recording facilities, the quality of their production equipment and see if they have software and equipment for mixing and mastering your audio post-recording.

Post Production Facilities

The final thing to consider is what post production tools the recording studio has on offer. Find out what mixing facilities they have for all your post recording touch ups and do some research into the product to see if it does everything you would need it to do.

Most good London recording studios will already have state of the art mixing facilities that the use of is included in the studio hire fee so just make sure you do your research and work out exactly what you will need to finish off your masterpiece!

If this is one of your first recordings and you’re still a little unsure, then find out if your studio has an in house engineer who could help you out along the way with any problems or difficulties you come across.

There may seem like a lot to think about but with our amazing selection of the best ecording studios near you and this helpful guide you’ll have everything you need to create a great piece of recorded content.

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