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Features Spaces for Team Away Days

Make your corporate away days motivating and energising with these top picks.

Event Space & Kitchen Hire, Jenius Social

Jenius Social in Islington is a unique London venue hire and an inspired choice for any event. It is a versatile and unique Space that can be used for corporate away days, exclusive private dining ...

Islington, N7
20 – 80 Guests

Archery Fit, Archery Fit - best indoor archery club in London

Archery Fit is an indoor archery club in London, and is an exciting and different location to host a team away day for a quirky team building activity for work teams.

Archery Fit is convenie...

Greenwich, SE10
20 – 50 Guests

ABQ London, Breaking Bad Inspired Bar

Looking for a quirky venue to hire for your next party, celebration or team away day in London? Welcome to this Breaking Bad-inspired haven in the heart of East London.

Walter White and the...

London, E2
32 Guests

Inspiration for Team Away Days

More than a third of UK office workers admit to finding away days boring. Team building should be an inspiring and uniting experience. In a city as big, bold and bustling as London there’s no need to settle for the same tired venue or activity. We’ve got plenty of spaces to hire that will breathe some life back into your corporate away day. Think outside of the box with HeadBox.

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Planning a team building event and activity can be arduous. But fear not. From archery to cupcake making, chocolate tasting to virtual golf – HeadBox has lots of ideas for some team building fun. So if you need inspiration for a team away day that will get everyone enthused start your search here.

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Top things to consider when planning your corporate away day.

Team away days are the best way to bring your team together, boost morale and allow your team to let their hair down! Working in the same environment day after day with the same people can drain the enthusiasm out of even your most dedicated team members so hosting a team away day is the perfect way to boost the energy levels.

If this sounds like something your company would benefit from then you’re in the right place. We’ve created this handy guide on all the top things to consider when planning a corporate away day like no other.

Why do you want to host an away day?

Don’t just host an away day for the sake of it, it’s important to think about what you want to get out of the day. Is it too boost morale, improve relationships between colleagues in your team or just for a much needed break from the office to enhance productivity? The reason behind this event will affect what you choose to do so have a think what your team really need. Afternoons out of the office to partake in team-building activities can be crucial in getting your employees to work better together and the skills they learn can then be taken and adapted into the working environment.

What do you want to do?

Once you’ve figured out why you need this away day treat you should thinking about what you actually want to do. If you just want to treat your team after a quarter of serious hard work then there’s nothing better than a relaxing stay in country home or luxurious hotel. If you want to boost relationships then London is jam-packed with team building activities you and your team could take part in! From cooking classes, crazy golf, archery lessons or escape rooms,there’s lots of fun things to do in London that will make your team work better together. If you want some inspiring corporate away day ideas then check out our handy blog here!


Once you’ve got an idea of why and where you want to host your corporate away day then you should start to to think about location. London is filled with quirky and innovative things to do on every corner which are easily accessible to everyone. If you’re growing a little tired of the City and fancy a change of scenery, then there are plenty of amazing venues to look at a little further afield, which you can find in our Country Escapes Collection, that offer lots of fun team building away day activities for everyone to get involved in.


If you’re taking your whole team to the other side of the city then you need to think about what is the best way to get to the location of your team away day idea. If you’re moving out of London for a bit of fresh country air then look into the different ways you can reach the facilities. Think about hiring a minibus, taxi or coach so that everyone can travel together.

If it’s somewhere nearby then obviously save some budget and use the tube. Make sure everyone knows the easiest way to get there whether that’s by train, tube or on foot. If some of your attendees want to make their own way there then make sure you know whether there is onsite or nearby car parking sites for them to use. We’ve made this as easy as possible for you by intergrating with Citymapper, you can now find out the easiest way to get to a venue from your office by clicking the Citymapper icon, which is perfect to share with your attendees.


Great team away day ideas don't mean you need to spend a fortune! You can find plenty of activities to do that won’t break the bank. If you don’t believe us then make sure you check out our handy blog on cheap away day ideas. Going for an option that’s local to your office can really help cut down the cost of the day. If you’re a small company you can easily take part in fun activities without going for complete venue take over. Whether that’s booking your team into a round or two of golf at Swingers, or booking a private area at the home of Ping Pong. Taking part in a competitive activity will generate some much needed friendly competition and is a great way of getting the team spirit pumping.

Finding a supplier

If you want something truly unique then there are lots of entertainment companies who can supply amazing team away day ideas and bring them to life! One of our favourites is Team Tactics, which you can find on our Friends of HeadBox entertainment section. Team Tactics are a leading provider for corporate team building events in London. So find yourself a quirky warehouse or blank canvas venue to hire and let the suppliers do the rest!

Things to avoid at all cost!

1. Tight deadlines If you work in an industry that has seasonal demands then avoid booking your away day in a peak season where everyone is working towards very tight deadlines. An away day is meant to be a chance to relax and asking your team to abandon projects at a very hectic time of year can do more harm than good. Your corporate away day should be a reward so plan it after an onslaught of busy deadlines will mean your team appreciate the event a lot more.

2. Poor organisation You want to make the most of your away day and don’t want to waste any time. Make sure you plan a schedule for the entire day and stick to it as tightly as possible. Share the away day plan with the attendees so that everyone knows exactly what they are doing and what’s happening on the day.

3. Lack of engagement You don’t want members of your team to get bored or distracted at the away day. If they don’t find the day engaging or exciting then you won’t achieve your goal. Make sure the day is an equal balance of fun and challenging. Be vigilant and make sure everyone is getting involved. If the away day revolves around team activities then try to mix colleagues into groups of people they don’t usually work with so that they have a chance to build new relationships.

4. Ask for Feedback Many people will forget to ask for feedback after their corporate away day, but it’s a great opportunity to find out how you can improve on the next one. Find out what people enjoy doing and what they didn’t so that you can improve each time you host one.

There’s plenty of fun and exciting things you can do for a quirky team away day so think outside the box and plan something really special for your team! If you want some more inspiring ideas then check out or collection of team away day activities.

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