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Featured Conference Venues in London

Take a look at our top picks for conference venues to hire in London.

Barbican Hall, Barbican

Hire the Barbican Hall at the iconic Barbican for one of the best venues to hire London has to offer. This large Space is ideal for conferences, workshops and screenings.

With its superb tec...

London, EC2Y
1989 Guests

Building 6, The O2

Hire building 6 at the iconic 02 for one of the best options for venue hire London has to offer.

Building 6 at The 02 is a vast, urban party venue to hire for a wide range of different even...

London, SE10
300 – 3000 Guests

Banking Hall, Banking Hall

Whatever event you are planning, Banking Hall is the perfect venue to impress your guests. Hire the Banking Hall if you are looking for somewhere with charm and grandeur.

The Grade II listed...

City of London, EC3V
70 – 800 Guests

Find the Perfect London Conference Venue

Finding conference venues in London can be daunting. You’ve got a list of criteria to meet, details to finalise and endless requests for hard-to-find facilities. Can you really find a venue that ticks all the boxes? At HeadBox, we know that every event is different. Whether you need modern conference venues in central London for an all-company conference for one thousand people or intimate conference rooms in London for your investors, HeadBox has it all.

conference room shoreditch editorial 1

Even better, if you’re on a budget you can negotiate a Bespoke Package directly with the venue Host to get the best venue hire deal for you. Treat your Guests to a show-stopping conference venue in London that will keep them inspired. With HeadBox you can search, book and pay for London conference venues all in one place.

conference room shoreditch editorial 2

Top things to consider when planning a conference.

Trying to plan a conference in London is a huge task. There are lots of things to consider and an even longer list of things to action so we’ve created a checklist guide of the most important to give you a little helping hand when planning a conference in London.

Style of Conference

The first thing to think about when asking yourself how to plan a conference is pretty simple, you need to find the perfect venue! There are many different styles of conferences you can organise. Do you want a quirky conference or a more traditional one? Whether it’s a quirky warehouse in Shoreditch or a traditional conference venue in central London there are many benefits of both of these styles of conference venue.

A quirky conference venue allows you to leave your own personal stamp on the event, hiring a blank canvas means you can completely transform the Space to fit your brand. You can cover the venue from floor to ceiling in your company's logo if you really wanted to! The quirky and unusual venues are also great for making your conference stand out from the crowd so why not let your imagination run wild and pick a venue that’s completely different from anything you’ve ever used before.

If you’d like to keep things a little more traditional then there are lots of positive reasons to hire a more conventional conference Space, especially if this is a corporate event. Picking a venue that’s primarily used as a conference Space will also give you the added benefit of having a dedicated events team who have run hundreds of conferences in the space, which will be very handy during the event planning process. If you need some inspiration on finding the perfect conference venue, whatever your personal taste, then make sure you check out of HeadBox Ultimate Guide to Conference Venues in London and take a look through the some of the best options for conference venue hire London has to offer.

Date Management

When planning a large scale conference, giving your attendees as much notice as possible is key so we’d recommend diarising the date at least 6 months in advance. Make sure you have a list of the key attendees and provide them with two or three alternative dates to chose from, so that you can ensure as many of them are available as possible. Once the date has been chosen by this group, make sure you send out a save the date so that you can continue planning the event safe in the knowledge that your potential attendees are aware when it’s taking place with lots of notice.

Until the date is confirmed, we’d suggest asking the venue to put a hold on the potential dates while you’re confirming the final choice. By doing so, you won’t have to worry about losing the best date for the event. Most venues are very happy to hold multiple dates for a short period of time, but it’s always best to check this as every Space is different.


There could be a very long list of suppliers that you will need to work with to make sure your conference is a huge success, but more often than not there are four key suppliers that every conference needs. These are staffing solutions, AV providers, furniture hire and catering.

1. Staffing Solutions

If the venue doesn’t offer staffing as part of the conference package then you need to consider which elements of the event require staff and roughly how many people you’ll need. Don’t forget that most of the staffing solution suppliers will be able to advise you on this, but it’s always best to have thought about it in advance. Will you need staff members to greet your guests at reception or to guide people to their seats? Perhaps you need some team members to assist with serving the meals throughout the day or circulating any collateral at the event. If you’re planning a larger scale conference, it might be wise to think about hiring a small security team too to make sure that the door is managed at all times, after all it’s important to make sure you have a record of exactly who attended the event.

2. AV Suppliers

The quality of the audio or visual elements of any conference can make or break it. You may spend thousands of pounds on a guest speaker, or maybe fly in your CEO in to address the whole company, but all of that effort can be undone by poor sound or substandard visual. There are plenty of suppliers who can help you every step of the way when planning a conference in London and they’re the pros, so be sure you ask for help from them. Spend some time explaining exactly what you expect from the AV so that they can create a bespoke quote to suit your needs. Creative AV services are a great way to get a little helping hand in making the event truly your own - so make sure you build a good relationship with the supplier you choose so that you can work together to build something spectacular.

3. Catering

No event is complete without a high quality catering element. Conferences can be long days and fairly intense sometimes so make sure your catering plan it spot on to keep your attendees fuelled and engaged. Remember, a meal is also a perfect opportunity to network and forge new working relationships, so it’s best to consider whether or not you’ve given your guests enough time to strike up an interesting conversation with someone in the breaks provided for food.

We would recommend a light breakfast, a morning coffee break, a larger lunch and another afternoon coffee break for a day long conference. Try to ensure that you have breaks at least every two hours. This ensures that your attendees have an opportunity to get up and move around, boosting their productivity and focus. Once you have decided what food and drink you will provide, you’ll need to think about where the food stations will be. Do you have a breakout space or will it be inside the room where the main conference is taking place? Would you like a sit down dinner or perhaps a buffet style would be suit? Similarly, the venue may have an inhouse team dedicated to crafting the perfect menu for your conference so make sure you speak to the experts. Take their advice on what works best in the venue and what they’ve successfully executed previously.

Money on your mind

As with any event, always keep the budget in mind,especially when it comes to hiring a conference venue in London . There’s lots of things to think about from AV to catering, and ticket apps to staffing so make sure you have a strict budget plan and work out how much you want to spend on each component of the event.

It’s always wise to keep a little extra budget available for any last minute costs, such as cleaning fees or late collection if you’re using a furniture or technology company. Be sure to run through the T&Cs for all suppliers and the venue so that you understand what you may be charged for. This may be something that you wish to negotiate so having all of the facts in the early stages of planning is important.

Invites, Tickets and Registration

Organising an event with a lot of attendees requires serious discipline around attendee registration and management. You want to know exactly who was at the event and what they engaged with while they were there. We’re all about technology at HeadBox which is why we’d recommend finding a digital solution, which can be accessed by all members of your team via an app or desktop when you’re at the event. The most common way to manage attendees in a situation like this is scanning e-tickets using an app on the door.

There are some great websites and softwares out there that will help you keep track of the registration process. Take Eventbrite as a prime example. They have created a great application where you can analyse your conference sales in real time as well as giving you the ability to create a seamless check-in experience for your event. We’d recommend doing some research into the technology available and finding a solution which will work for the whole team and deliver you the data you need post-event.


Getting feedback from both attendees and staff who attended your conference is the key to any successful event. Try to get feedback during the event as well as the next day so you can get both live and reflective feedback from everyone. A pretty simple way of doing this is by sending out digital feedback forms to the registered email addresses of all your attendees. Sending digital forms are a much more efficient method as it will only take your Guests a few minutes to fill out and can be done from their phone, laptop or tablet. The easier you make this for your attendees, the more insight you will receive.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our handy HeadBox guide on all the things to consider when planning a conference. Now go find that perfect conference venue to hire in London and get started! We can’t wait to hear all about it.

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